Viral TikTok music artist PinkPantheress debuts mix-tape


Kassem Ossman

PinkPantheress “to hell with it” brings a unique sound with it’s samples from older songs spliced with vocals.

Kassem Ossman , Editor-in-Chief

While PinkPatheress debut mix-tape may be named “to hell with it” the songs in it are nothing but heavenly. The 20-year-old artist rose to fame through her self promotion on TikTok. She shared samples of her songs on the platform peeking viewers interests. This short mix-tape gives a more in-depth look into her artistry.

The British college student grew popularity showing snippets of her songs “Just a Waste,” “Pain,” “Attracted To You” and more unreleased songs. These songs were paired with her doing various things in her room or different locations. They got up to 8.2 million views and set the stage for her mix-tape “to hell with it.”

She was signed by Parlophone Records, a German-British record label founded in 1896. They have housed many classic artists such as The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd and newer artists such as David Guetta, Gorillaz and Ashniko. Her mix-tape came out on Oct. 15 with 10 songs.

I know I shouldn’t be watching ’cause every time I feel the pain”

— PinkPantheress

“Pain” is the first song of the album, and it sets the mood for the rest of the mix-tape. The track is a quick beat with synthesized drums and piano bringing you straight to the 2000’s. While the song is simplistic in lyrical choices the beauty of the song comes from the beat the plays throughout.

The following seven songs sound more or less the same with their catchy lyrics and soothing beats.

“All my friends know”  was calm from her other songs on the track, allowing her voice and lyrics to carry the tone instead of the backtrack. Her flow throughout the song lets her tell a story with minimal breaks.

“Now I’ve blocked you since I’m smart/ Never got to teach myself at all/ Now that all that’s done and said/ I see all the time I spent/ Not talking to my best friend/ ‘Cause I thought the worst of me.”

The lyrics speak on the teenager melodrama that comes from having a crush on someone and the pain the comes from it.

“Just for me” is one of her most recognizable hit from her; it has a simple guitar with a quick beat that is PinkPantheress’s signature. The lyrics on this track follow the story of a person with an unhealthy obsession with someone, seemingly like a part two to “Pain.” Once again, her lyrics speak to teenage heartache towards the end of the song.

“Wrote you a song, do you wanna hear it now?/ Don’t bring your friends along to form a crowd/ ‘Cause I need to prove I wrote it just for you/ What’s the need for them when it could be just us two?”

What’s the need for them when it could be just us two? ”

— PinkPantheress

Maybe it’s her British accent, but the lyrics are so elegant through the whole mix-tape. Her voice is very airy and unique with how it seemingly floats through the beats.

“I must apologise” was released before the full album to tease her new stuff and this was a banger from the first line. The beat was driven by a synthesized piano notes which make any task seem powerful while listening.

One thing that could be looked at critically, however, are the length of the songs. The longest song on the album is “Nineteen” which sits at two minutes and 30 seconds. Of course quantity doesn’t always equal quality but with her I wish I could get more from these songs because she tells a story through simple chords and interesting sounds but it ends abruptly and leaves the listener wanting more.

While this was PinkPantheress’s first quick mix-tape, her style seems different, in a world where listening to the radio is like listening to the same song by different artists she turns heads and allows for a different sound in to the mainstream audiences.