Hailey Welp on staying cool in the pool


Hailey Welp dives into her fourth year on the DGS Swim Team.

Allison Scherquist, Copy Editor

As school re-opens and students get back in the classroom, it’s easy to see how many teens are experiencing the academic pressure of high school again. Senior Hailey Welp is no stranger to this feeling as she starts her fourth year on varsity swim. With tests to pass and times to beat, Welp shares her insight on how she manages her demanding schedule as both a swimmer and a student.

“I’d be lying if I said [the pressure] doesn’t get to me,” Welp said.

Welp has been swimming since she was seven years old, and joined DGS varsity swim as only a freshman. She knew she loved the sport when she decided to join the DGS team, but that doesn’t mean it was easy. Welp talked about the immense stress she felt when she first joined.

“I felt a lot of that [pressure]. Being a freshman swimming with the senior girls was a lot. I felt so nervous when stepping up to the plate,” Welp said.

But Welp is happy to put her fears aside if it means keeping the team together. Cheering on the other girls and putting on a happy face has become second nature to  Welp over her years on the swim team.

“I always keep the team in mind. Building relationships with girls on the team is super important. It always helps me keep my spirits high to know that even if I’m feeling down or stressed out I have my team there to help cheer me up,” Welp said.

If you ask her teammate junior Andrea Paradis, Welp’s attitude has had nothing but a positive effect on the team.

“She’s the best. It doesn’t matter how nervous I am or how stressed [we all are], Hailey can always bring up the mood,” Paradis said.

Even though Welp tries to keep on a positive face for her team, the stress of meets often get’s to her. Welp especially dislikes meets with the cross-town rival DGN.

“They’re definitely my least favorite [meets]. I remember sophomore year, I was so stressed out about getting the times I want, it was just terrible. My stomach hurt when I went to stand up on the plate,” Welp said.

Whenever Welp gets down in the dumps, she tries to think about how the senior girl would help cheer her up when she was a freshman. She says she has learned a lot from them when it comes to staying calm and maintaining happiness even when facing a lot of pressure.

“I learned a lot [as a freshman] from the seniors. They always could put me in a better mindset. They would be the loudest cheerers, and always made practice fun. I hope I can be that for the freshmen this year because I know how much of a difference it makes,” Welp said.