‘Grey’s Anatomy’: How many seasons is too many?


Samantha Bachara

Grey’s Anatomy premieres its eighteenth season after being on the air for 16 years.

“Grey’s Anatomy”, a long running medical drama, has officially premiered its 18th season. While I have such a deep love for the show, it seems that with every new season I want it to end more and more. The episodes drag on with their dark themes and lack of humor along with a significant increase in insufferable acting.

Ever since season 12 started the humor has completely disappeared. I was never able to say that “Grey’s Anatomy” was a comedy but I could say that the way the relationships were written and the jokes slipped in made the show much more enjoyable. It wasn’t all drama all the time.

Now, they just bounce back and forth from one conflict to another and there is no break between them. It makes watching the show almost like a punishment. I used to tune in every Thursday at eight o’clock to get away from my problems and enjoy the lives of fictional characters’ but everything is so heavy now that it does nothing but bring me down.

Not only has the humor dissolved in the ocean of conflict, but the acting of the newer characters,mostly the residents, is terrible. If “Grey’s Anatomy” is going to go for all drama all the time, all actors need to be capable of adding emotional depth but they simply are not doing that. I wish that these dull characters would be able to bring the humor back in, but every attempt at humor feels incredibly forced.

There is one more problem that makes me rethink watching “Grey’s Anatomy” all together: the spin-off “Station 19.” The spin-off focuses on the Seattle Fire Department and is tied to “Grey’s Anatomy” by both location and a marriage between a doctor and a firefighter.

There are about 20 episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Station 19” that crossover and you can almost never watch one without the other. I have missed some of the largest plot points and most serious relationships because I don’t watch “Station 19”. I understand that the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) wants their viewers to rise for “Station 19” but I don’t have any interest in watching it and a large number of committed Grey’s viewers feel the same way.

I watched the season premiere crossover event with no context of what was happening in “Station 19” because I was afraid of missing a big plot point of “Grey’s Anatomy”. I was extremely let down to find that only about three minutes crossed over and it was something that I could’ve understood without watching the hour long “Station 19” episode. If the shows are going to crossover this often, the least they could do is be consistent.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is a show that I have been watching for years now and I never want to be able to say that I hate it but it is really coming to that point. My guilty pleasure show has made me feel more guilt than pleasure with the recent seasons. It is time to put audiences out of their misery and put the show to rest.