Our favorite events: Crowded again


Casey Muzykansky

Students at Downers Grove South barely have any wiggle room in the stands.

Casey Muzykansky, Copy Editor

Now that students are fully back in school and are able to attend events, the stands are full. Student activities have spectators watching plays, concerts, volleyball games and of course, football games; these are memories many students and athletes have missed out on last year. The number of students coming to our events are becoming a problem.

The girls volleyball team had a ‘pack the place’ game where students came out in support of our lady mustangs. Friends, family and alumni all came out to watch their old team play. Our Downers Grove South boys soccer team even showed up to motivate the girls.

While volleyball games and other matches don’t have the same attendance as football, for example, the stands were still packed with students hooting and hollering, even I lost my voice by the end of the night. However, we as students ask the question; are there too many people at the DGS football games?

Us students were smushed together like sardines, especially at the front of the crowd, closer to the senior section. All students at the game were unmasked and unprotected from the pandemic. Our hyped-up and enthusiastic crowd can turn into a chaotic and rowdy crowd in just a matter of seconds which immediately increases the risk of contracting COVID-19.

The first quarter of the football game can be exciting when everyone is settling into the student section and increasing excitement about the game. The joy in our crowd is an energy that can not be felt anywhere else. But, getting into any spot in the crowd is as hard as climbing a mountain.

By the second and third quarter, people driving by on 63rd street can tell if DGS is winning or losing. If the team is winning they will hear cheering and singing and of course, the marching band. But if they aren’t winning you’ll still be able to hear the band, but there won’t be much cheering and there definitely won’t be any singing; instead, there may be some screaming.

At past football games, many people have been throwing items. These may be little flags for the USA game, pompoms or even full and open Gatorade bottles that end up hitting people. I even saw students who had to go home because their outfits were ruined or their heads were pounding.

The fourth quarter is the quarter that most people end up leaving in. Yet it is also the loudest quarter with the winning goal and the fire of the crowd at the end and after the game.

This is a high school; we are told we are connected in many ways. But we are not always together, these crowds and games bring all students into one place. Although we are in a pandemic and being in a crowded area can affect students negatively. We are all in this together and will stick with each other for the rest of our time at DGS.