Tickets go on sale for homecoming


Jules Rossi

New this year, tickets were virtual. You could purchase them by scanning a QR code.

On Monday, Sept. 20, Activities director Jennifer Martinzez and her committee released homecoming ticket prices to students and staff. The ticket costs $30 per person and the dance itself is going to be held at the football stadium on Saturday, Sept. 25.

While students have noticed the price increase this year, they may not be aware of all the activities and extras that will be provided at the dance.

Martinez gives her reasoning behind why there has been a price increase, which looks different from years past.

“Changing something to $30 is pretty much just looking at what our expenses are going to be and what we need to collect in order to cover [the expenses] for what type of event we want to have,” Martinez said.

This year there will be a variety of food trucks, places to sit, decorations placed around the entire stadium and even fireworks at the end of the dance.

“During the pandemic there has been price increase for everything so then there is a price increase to do the dance outside but also many opportunities for other things,” Martinez said.

Junior Patricia Golubova gives her insight on the prices itself.

“I think they are really expensive and honestly a little ridiculous because in years past they have been much cheaper,” Golubova said.

In previous years, a single ticket would cost around $20-$25 depending on when you purchased them.

“I’m still really 50/50 on this because I had a really good time freshman year, but $30 is a lot especially since I have siblings at the school as well,” Golubova said.

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