DGS to host outdoor homecoming Sept. 25


Abigail Culcasi

The DGS football field where the 2021 homecoming dance will take place.

Abigail Culcasi, Photo/Graphics Editor

Homecoming is fast approaching at DGS. This year’s outer-space themed homecoming will take place outside on Saturday, Sept. 25, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the football field.

Senior Maya Santos gives her insight on having homecoming on the football field.

“I think having an outdoor homecoming is a good idea and the smartest idea because of Covid.”

The location of this year’s homecoming is not the only change, however. New this year, DGS will be implementing digital tickets through the app Go Fan. Go Fan is also the app used to purchase tickets for other DGS events this year.

Director of student activities Jennifer Martinez gives insight on the decision to use virtual tickets.

“Having virtual tickets allows students to have more ease to purchase their tickets at their own convenience…we tried something similar last year with prom and I think that it’s time to move with society.”

At homecoming, students will not be required to wear masks because the event is outdoors.
Martinez explains how students will be safe without masks this year.

“Being outside allows us to be safe, and we can spread out because there is a lot of space on the field.”

In previous years, the small gym had drinks and snacks for students to enjoy and provided a space for students to take a break from the dance. There will be two food trucks, with ice cream and cupcakes, that students will be able to get a treat from, which is included in the cost of their ticket. However, in order to protect the turf, students will only be allowed to eat in the area by the concession stand.

Students are also not allowed to wear heels or be barefoot on the turf. Although the dance is outside, the attire for the event is still formal. Mrs. Martinez shares advice on what attire students should wear.

“Students should dress so that they look nice and feel comfortable out at the stadium…students should also dress for the weather and we will push through to have an amazing dance outside.”

On the turf, there will be designated areas for students to take a break as well as a photo booth and other stations.

Another new aspect of homecoming this year will be the firework display, which will take place at 9:15 p.m. In case of inclement weather, the dance will be canceled and students will be refunded for their tickets.

Despite all of the changes, DGS students are still looking forward to homecoming.

Senior Maya Santos shares her excitement for this year’s Homecoming.

“I’m very excited for homecoming because it’s my final year.”

Junior Danielle Whitman shares what she thinks about having an outdoor homecoming.

“I think the dance will be really fun and it will be nice to be out in the fresh air.”

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