Godzilla Vs. Kong provides an action packed battle amongst a monstrous trio


Godzilla Vs. Kong reached a box office milestone with over $400 million at the box office

Greyson Martinescu, News Editor

With the action thriller Godzilla vs Kong having its storyline from previous films such as “Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla”, they show that they are the two biggest and most feared monsters amongst Earth finally face off against each other in what seemed to be a one-sided battle.

As Kong being enclosed on his former island under the surveillance of the government and scientists, it’s no surprise that he attempted to break his quarantine bubble with tree bark. Although, Kong having a stronger connection to reason with humans, Godzilla on the other hand sees anything and everyone as a target.
After he rose from the waters and attacked the unknown corporation Apex Cybernetics, it came as a surprise to many that they produced their own cyborg version of Godzilla.

With Kong having a unique bond with humans, it puts him as the protector for all humankind which especially showed as he was being transferred by the Navy. With Godzilla rising almost out of nowhere and destroying every ship in his path, he easily dominated Kong overheating in the fight at sea. Godzilla along with his cyborg look-alike easily outlasted Kong in almost every fight scene.

When visualizing, it may sound cheesy, Kong, Godzilla, and his cyborg look-alike tearing up skyscrapers and streets of Hong Kong almost looked realistic on camera, making it more tempting to view over again knowing that you definitely missed something.

In a rare moment, Kong and Godzilla teamed up against cyborg Godzilla, but he ultimately was too much for both to handle. Ironically, the downfall of electronic Godzilla was being burned out by a liquid poured on his control panel, which made his passing much less dramatic than anticipated.

With half the city in ruins and Kong passed out as if he ran a marathon, Godzilla hesitantly retreated back in the waters technically leaving no clear winner, but Kong was the one who endured the most pain. Not only that, but he earned the respect of his human counterparts as it paved the way for this series to continue and for Kong to redeem himself.

Overall, with the main question being which monster would win, the epic battle scenes at sea and in the city made up for the more dragged-out character scenes throughout. Although, with no technical winner, this likely won’t be the last time these behemoths lock heads. Unless they manage to develop an electronic Kong.