Things I took for granted in High School

Lexie Lukacik, Photo Editor

As we approach March I haven’t been able to shake off the idea that I’ll be graduating in two and a half months. I wish the class of 2021’s senior year could’ve been normal. I’m not going to lie, I’m going to miss DGS and I definitely didn’t cherish every little thing while I could.

Here are some things I wish I could experience one last time:

The overly crowded staircases:
I have no idea why every staircase was so crowded, but the amount of times my shoe got stepped on was crazy. Let’s not forget, no matter who you are, in your four years at DGS you will have tripped up those stairs at one point. One time I even saw a kids backpack fly over his head because he missed a step… he was okay I think.

The lunchroom:
There was always something going in during lunch. One of my core memories is from freshman or sophomore year: some kid sprinted through the lunchroom doors and ran out of the school. It was really impressive because he ran right past the security guard, and I laughed about that all day.

The assemblies:
It makes me even more sad when I realized assemblies might not be the same after the pandemic. My favorite part about them was finding all my friends and sitting next to them on the bleachers. The assemblies that were after 8th period were always the best, because they made me super excited for the weekend.

Sitting in the halls before school:
Half of the time I would make it to school at 7:50 if I was lucky, so usually I didn’t have much time to meet up with my friends. But ever since freshman year my friend group has sat in the same spot on the third floor A hallway, and I miss meeting up before class. Even though I would dread school everyday, that was the one thing that made me want to go.

Getting ready 5 hours early with my friends, complaining about my hair to my mom who’s a hairdresser. I would go back to those days in a heartbeat, but the main thing I miss is packing the gym. Making mosh pits and getting stepped on by guys who were inches taller than me. I would do anything to relive every single moment of the dances.

Unfortunately I’ll be unable to experience a lot of these memories again, but if there’s any underclassman reading this just take it all in while you can. I will forever wish I could rewind and do it over again.