Justice League Dark: Apokolips War review


Photo By Drey McGrew

Apokolips War succeeds in an emotional aspect of making the viewer upset but hooked at the same time.

On May 5th of 2020, Warner Brothers concluded the DC Animated Movie Universe with the release of the final installment of the series, “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War”. Sixteen movies spanning over seven years, Apokolips War brings a sense of closure to the series. Unlike other DC original movies, the ones within the DCAU feature plot elements from the New 52 revamp of the DC universe.

“Apokolips War” kicks off with the introduction of the long-anticipated villain Darkseid and his build-up as an antagonist throughout all the movies. Superman and the rest of the Justice League decide that Darkseid has terrorized Earth and gone unpunished for too long. They plan to take action and confront Darkseid on his home planet Apokolips and eliminate him with a surprise attack. Little did they know that Darkseid had been keeping tabs on them the entire time and listening to their every move.

About 20 minutes into the film, we learn after the unsuccessful attempt to subdue Darkseid, not only are the Justice League mostly annihilated, but the entire earth is conquered and put into a critical state after the invasion of Darkseid’s forces. Warner Brothers didn’t give this movie an R rating for nothing. We watch as Darkseid brutally murders our favorite heroes we’ve grown to know throughout the 16 movies within the series in some of the most gruesome ways.

Not only does “Apokolips War” boast a dark theme and atmosphere throughout the entire film, but it also succeeds in an emotional aspect of making the viewer upset but hooked at the same time. If you are a fan of the series, “Apokolips War” will leave you broken but wanting more at the same time.

“Apokolips War” not only is the conclusion of the DCAU, but it also served as the end of the New 52 DC comics. A revamp of the entire DC universe is in production and a new set of an animated movie universe following a different storyline is possible.

This was one of the best DC films I’ve ever seen. The buildup of the characters and the development seen over the past movies all just to be converged with a bittersweet ending. If you are a fan of the DC universe, “Apokolips War” is a must-watch along with the other films leading up to it.