How Batman solo’s the entire Justice League


Photo By Drey McGrew

Bruce Wayne, Billionaire Philanthropist by day, Genius Crime fighting hero and Leader of the Justice League by night.

Since the 1960’s the Justice League has made its name as one of the most popular if not the best-known Team of Heroes to ever exist in Comic format. Consisting of alien species like the Martian and Kryptonian to Intergalactic Law enforcers and crime-fighting humans. The team has had many variations and many different members introduced since its introduction.

One of the founding members and one of the most popular heroes is Gotham’s Dark Knight himself, The Batman. One of the best written fictional characters to ever exist, Bruce Wayne, Billionaire Philanthropist by day, Genius Crime-fighting hero, and Leader of the Justice League (In most adaptations) by night. Master of 127 martial art styles, over 20 languages, the ability to bench press over 300 pounds, and deadlift 1000 all while having an IQ of 192.

Even with all of those feats, none of them compare to his high sense of morality and willpower. No matter how outmatched the Batman is in a fight he never backs down and always has a solution to his problem. Even after watching his parents get murdered in front of him as a child, he has taken up the life of fighting evil, he has vowed to never kill his enemies, no matter how heinous their crimes are.

However, batman is only a mere human in a universe of super-powered meta-humans and universal beings with powers beyond comprehension. Batman’s strongest attack shy’s in comparison to more than half the Justice league’s weakest attack. Even with the odds stacked against him, Batman will always win, I am positive Batman has a way to take out every single member of the Justice League that he is a part of, he wouldn’t be Batman if he didn’t have a contingency plan for any and every situation.

Since there are so many variations of the Justice League, I will be using one of the simpler versions existing in the DCEU. This team is a part of the live-action movies from the 2010s to the present. Currently on this Justice League roster is Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash, and Batman.

Starting off with the Aquaman, my personal least favorite member of the Justice League in all Variations. Since Aquaman is half Atlantean and Half-human, this makes him far stronger than the average human on land and possessing amazing abilities while underwater consisting of telepathy to water animals, swimming 10,000 feet per second, and swimming at depths of 20,000 feet in the ocean without being crushed by the pressure.

However, due to his Half Atlantean heritage, he is more vulnerable to dehydration, Batman being a master tactician would capitalize on this weakness and defeat Aquaman. The Flash is a speedster who is fast enough to enter the speed force and time travel, also Flash’s super healing will make him a very hard opponent for Batman.

Batman will have to rely a lot more on his intelligence for trying to devise a plan to defeat the Flash. Batman has developed special bullets designed specifically for defeating speedsters. Once Batman finds an opening on the Flash he would simply shoot the bullet into the flash’s neck, the result will be constant seizures occurring at light speed.

Wonder woman is another blockbuster opponent for Batman. With intense determination, chivalry, and willpower, along with being a trained soldier from Themyscira and superhuman strength and durability, Wonder Woman won’t go down easily. Batman will have to capitalize on Wonder Woman’s chivalry and fight the fair fight.

The Batman simply cannot match Wonder Woman’s strength so he will use gadgets equipped to his bat belt as well as use his surroundings to slowly tire out Wonder Woman. He knows Wonder woman would never use anything besides her lasso and shield and sword, therefore Batman will have to simply just bring out the artillery.

The same deal is seen with Cyborg, part human, part Motherbox technology. Cyborg is a living walking supercomputer of New god technology and human emotions. Batman is limited in his preparation for a fight with Cyborg due to the fact that he has access to every single piece of technology on the planet.

Batman will be forced to fight dirty as he did with Wonder Woman, this time batman must psychological break Cyborg, knowing that he was once a human and is now only the brain and heart of a human living out his days in the shell of his Motherbox armor, Batman would simply demoralize Cyborgs humanity and once Cyborg is too enraged and filled with emotions Batman will capitalize on this and use his gadgets on his bat belt to disable cyborgs technology and the rest is history.

Finally, Batman’s hardest opponent, Superman. Born on planet Krypton under a Red sun, Superman has reached peak superhuman strength, speed, and durability on the planet and has been titled as one of the strongest if not the strongest characters in the entire DC multiverse. If Batman and Superman were to ever clash, it would go down similarly to how it did in their Movie in 2016 titled, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

Batman will have to use Superman’s weakness, Kryptonite. When Superman is exposed to Kryptonite he experiences severe muscle weakness and excruciating pain throughout his body making him weaker than the average human. After evening the odds batman will use his superior fighting skills to defeat Superman in a fight and neutralize him.