Are classes too long?


Tanaiya Lake, Copy Editor

Remote learning has become too long, with four classes that run for 83 minutes it can be a lot of an overload for both teachers and students. It can cause stress, mental, and emotional strains and takes up more time than actually needed. In a land before the unfortunate Coronavirus outbreak and spread, classes were 50 minutes excluding students that had extended periods for their classes like Math or shorter periods like Mustang Corral.

The one good thing about having such long classes is having an hour and a half lunch break. During those times you can unwind from having to look at a bright computer screen for more than an hour straight. It can be stressful having to do back to back classes with only a 10-minute break, I believe teachers can even say they have had 20-minutes’ worth of spare time in class that can be added into students passing period than for being in class doing nothing.

Being in these zoom meetings for so long you can definitely tell when a teacher has run out of things to say or do. I can only imagine how hard it is for teachers to have to teach like this not being in class, not seeing students, and not being able to have fun in the classroom environment already sucks as it is. During this time it has been a lot for students and teachers to teach and learn in this environment and I personally don’t like it. Between having to stare at the screen for hours, not being able to engage with your classmates and the boring learning format, school is not fun, especially the amount of time we spend in it.”