Top 5 apps to help you with school


Tanaiya Lake, Copy Editor

1) The first app on this list today is Socratic by Google. This app covers all subjects and helps you in different subjects, unlike some apps that just give you answers Socratic breaks it down. This can be found on the play store and apple store, available for apple and android devices.

2) Quizlet is another useful app that might be already familiar to you, depending on your class you might already have used it. This app is also useful for all subjects across the board by making flashcards your own way or from a format that they offer. This app is also available in apple and the app store, so apple devices and android devices can enjoy its tools. Quizlet is also free so tap into it.

3) Chegg Study is a very helpful app that I think everyone should know about. On this app, you can get real live 24/7 help with homework and find almost any curriculum books that need and across all different subjects you can get help with too, reading a book in class and need a crash course with quizzes than use Chegg. This app is also available on the internet and in both app stores.

4) Duolingo is also a well-known app that you might have even used yourself once before either in class or on your own. On this app, you will be able to learn different languages with many quizzes, games, and brain exercises helping you to retain information. This app is also available for all devices including Apple and the play store so don’t wait to learn something new.

5) Last but not least we have Mathway and you guessed it, it’s for math. Mathway is also an extremely helpful math app, math teachers might feel it’s too helpful. Nevertheless, all math students should use this app. Not only does this app give you answers, but it also shows you step-by-step instructions and actually helps you learn how to do the math problems given to you. This app is again available for everyone to use whether you have apple or android it’s accessible in your app store.