Top 10 Christmas episodes that never get old:

Lexie Lukacik, Photo Editor

As we enter the month of December, it’s officially time to start the countdown till Christmas. Making some warm hot chocolate while you sit by the fire with your family perfectly sets the scene. But there’s one thing missing—a Christmas movie, obviously!

I hate to break it to you though, I’m tired of hearing the same Christmas movies being suggested. All of them are repeated on television every single day during the holiday season. So this year I’ll be sharing my favorite Christmas episodes from various old tv shows from my childhood.

Spongebob Squarepants: “Christmas Who?”
Season 2 Episode 8

In Bikini Bottom, Christmas was never celebrated, but after learning a little about it, Spongbob is dying to know more. Watch Spongebob learn the meaning of Christmas; this episode never fails to make me smile. I’ve cracked many laughs with my friends and family watching this, and will continue to watch it religiously every Christmas.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: “Christmas at the Tipton”
Season 1 Episode 21

Christmas Eve at the Tipton hotel is very busy. A brutal snow storm has arrived and more guests than anticipated are stuck inside. The night is definitely one they will remember; watching Zack and Cody run around causing chaos is an excellent way to bring humor into the Christmas magic.

Movie: Merry Christmas Drake and Josh:

Drake and Josh was one of the shows I would watch all day as a kid; this movie was my favorite. It all starts when the two brothers decide to make a promise to a family less fortunate during the holidays. The only problem is they’re struggling to keep it; this holiday movie is an excellent way to bring together both humor and the heartwarming side of Christmas.

That’s So Raven: “Escape Clause”
Season 1 Episode 19

Raven has a very special power as a teenager, she has the ability to see into the future and gets frequent visions daily. In this episode, she finds out the special Christmas present her parents got her and can’t keep herself from opening it. After snooping through the gifts, she winds up in a messy situation, and her holiday is more stressful than enjoyable. his episode beautifully melds anticipation and comedy and will leave a smile on your face!

Victorious: “A Christmas Tori”
Season 2 Episode 12

The students at Hollywood Arts are given a special task for the holidays from their teacher. Each of them are assigned a “Secret Santa” and Tori becomes stressed not knowing how to please her assigned gift receiver. This episode is one of my favorites and will have you jamming out and dancing by the end.

Hannah Montana: “Killing Me Softly With His Height”
Season 3 Episode 5

It all starts with Miley and Lily go Christmas shopping at the mall when Miley is introduced to a new boy by her friend. She gets asked to go to the holiday carnival with him, but once she sees him standing at her door, she isn’t too pleased to go on the date. This episode not only teaches a lesson but it’s perfect for the holiday season.

Good Luck Charlie Movie: “It’s Christmas”

The Duncans plan on taking a family to see their grandparents; as they’re already rushing to get on their flight another woman asks if anyone would be willing to give their seat up on the plane. Teddy volunteers because she’s trying to prove to her mom she’s an adult. While the rest of the family relaxes on the flight, Teddy finds out she will have to travel on a bus to meet her grandparents, but doesn’t know if she’ll make it time for Christmas. This is a sweet family movie that will make you reminisce about this stressful but exciting season.

ICarly: “IChristmas”
Season 2 Episode 9

As Carly finishes preparing for Christmas her crazy older brother, Spencer, accidentally sets fire to all the hard work she completed. She becomes very upset, and wishes for something she instantly regrets-a normal brother. A Christmas angel shows her how different her life would be if her brother was bland, and she realizes that she loves him despite his wacky personality. This episode will not only leave you laughing, but it touches on a strong message that you shouldn’t take anything for granted.

Spongebob Squarepants: “It’s a Spongebob Christmas” (Claymation Version)
Season 8 Episode 26

Spongbob gets himself into a sticky situation with the town’s most hated sea creature-Plankton. He assists Plankton’s evil idea to put everyone in Bikini Bottom on Santa’s Naught list, just so he can get his one wish to have the Krabby Patty formula from Santa. Spongebob realizes what Plankton’s idea had been all along, and now has to try to stop him to save Christmas. This movie has very catchy songs that will have you singing for days, I hope you enjoy it!

Jessie: “Christmas Story”
Season 1 Episode 8

Jessie, who is the nanny of 4 kids, wants to make this Christmas special for them. Their parents who direct several movies in LA, constantly travel for work and promised to make it home for the holiday. But, when a huge snowstorm hits they aren’t sure if they will be able to fulfill that promise. Jessie and their butler Bertrum are on a mission to make the kids smile still, and are trying their best to make their wishes come true. This episode is perfect to watch with your family, and will make you appreciate the lengths they go through to make this holiday season special for you.

Kick back and enjoy some laughs with your family this holiday season. Although it might be a little different this year, some of these nostalgic episodes can surely bring back heartwarming memories from your childhood and put a smile on your face.