I’m a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas music and here’s why:

Lexie Lukacik, Photo Editor

Once November 1st hits too many people start racing to get out their Christmas decorations. If you’re one of those people, we can still be friends, but I have lost respect for you. I might sound like a Scrooge; I’m just saying what the rest of us are thinking though.

You have a good month until Dec. 24-25th, if you start playing Christmas music now soon it will sound overplayed. In my opinion that’s even worse than hearing someone’s nails scratch against a chalkboard.

You might be wondering how my hate for Christmas music started. Every single year since I could remember, my mom would play our radio all day. I heard “Jingle Bell Rock” at least 4 times a day. Don’t even get me started either because she even made it her ringtone; it would blast through the house everytime she got a call.

This year I’ve about had it. I work in retail and of course the store is fully decorated, and I love the little fake snow and lights hanging around. But, when I’m working 6 hours and all I hear over the intercom is “Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer,” my brain feels like it’s going into overdrive and shuts down.

There’s one aisle I’m always walking by to put back our quarantine clothes, and there’s this one little Christmas decoration we have that senses movement. Everytime I move in that direction “Jingle Bells” blasts over and over again. At this point I’m thinking of just putting in ear plugs.

Come on guys, you’re killing the Christmas spirit. My spirit actually. By all means if you want to play Christmas music after Thanksgiving be my guest. Anything before that time…and I mean anything is a fat no no. At this point every song has been so overplayed that I feel my little heart strings that surround Christmas detach everytime.

Two weeks ago I was happily driving somewhere with my friend. I always have my music extremely loud because I have damaged my ear drums so much;I can only hear perfectly when the volume is on MAX.

I was making a turn and I already have various struggles doing that at night. I can’t see either; I have many issues with driving but that’s not the point. The song was changing on the radio and with no warning at all “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” was blasting through my bass.

Not only do I think I had a minor heart attack, but it killed my mood. It’s like when you bite into what you think is a chocolate chip cookie and it turns out it’s oatmeal raisin.

Now I think you get my point here, not all Christmas music is bad….just stop playing it a month before the holiday actually happens. Just like me there are some scrooges when it comes to Christmas, but all I ask is just this one thing and then you’ll see a big smile on my face.

So for the sake of my emotional stability please just wait to blast your Christmas music.