Top 5 best and worst Thanksgiving foods


Michael Nelli, Online Sports Editor

Thanksgiving is the best holiday and that isn’t debatable. Nothing happens besides eating and yelling at your family or friends—it’s truly beautiful. The food is the biggest part, and there is a hierarchy of the best and worst.

The ranking is simple. Only dinner foods, no dessert because pumpkin pie is amazing and some people are too shallow to admit that. The lists will be split up into the five best and five worst foods.

The worst:

5. Salad of any kind or variation.
Salad is meant to be eaten so one can feel more healthy, and Thanksgiving is not about that. It just takes up space on the table where actual good food could be sitting and waiting to be eaten by a smiling child. It should not be on a table for Thanksgiving. Grade: C-

4. Cranberry sauce.
What good does it do? Nothing would be the correct answer. I still, to this day, have no idea why it was made or know what you are supposed to put it on. It’s like that one cousin you don’t like but kind of have to put up with. Grade: C-

3. Turkey.
I will get hate for this and I’m okay with that. It’s not that good, it just became the poster child for this magnificent holiday. It’s too dry, though gravy can help with that. It is simply, the most overrated food that is on everybody’s menu. Grade: D+

2. Stuffing.
What does stuffing even taste like? The flavor profile is so odd, but people are captivated by it for some reason that I don’t know. It looks unappealing, the taste is so mediocre. I can’t do that. Grade: D

1. Green Bean Casserole.
I genuinely feel as if this excuse for a dish isn’t edible. Whoever took a great thing like a casserole and thought “Hey let’s ruin this today,” and put green beans in it, would not be my friend. It has no good features about it, and it should be taken far away from this holiday. Grade: Below an F

The best

5. Rolls.
They are so so good. Any type of rolls would do, but King’s Hawaiian Rolls are the best kind and that is a fact. Slap on some butter and you may not eat anything else on the table. Grade: B

4. Sweet Potatoes.
They are so versatile. They can be made in so many ways, and the flavor will be amazing in any way they are prepared. Some people hate them, I happen to have nothing but love for sweet potatoes. Grade: B+

3. Mashed Potatoes.
This was the greatest food as a child, and is still one of the best when you grow up. The creaminess of the potatoes with some gravy on top just makes me smile and my mouth water. Whoever decided to mash these is my new best friend. Grade: A

2. Cornbread Casserole.
A polar opposite to its disgraceful green bean cousin, cornbread casserole warms the heart. It can be sweet, it can be spicy, it can be whatever you want it to be. It is very hard to beat this outstanding dish, and it should be on everyone’s plate this turkey day. Grade- A+

1 Mac-and-Cheese.
The greatest thing about Thanksgiving. Baked mac-and-cheese is undefeated, it is physically unable to lose. The crispy cheesy top with the gooing cheese that bursts out into your mouth, it is like a dream come true. Please, for your sanity, eat some mac-and-cheese on Thanksgiving. Grade: A++++++