Sexy Costumes, are they an issue?


Kassem Ossman

Wow a skeleton dressed as a sexy bunny, what could be better?

With Halloween coming up this weekend, there comes a time when a person asks, “What should I be?” There are always the classics: Group costumes, couple’s costumes, scary, super cute, punny and then there are the almighty–sexy Halloween costumes.

With sexy costumes, you tend to see these classics: sexy bunny, sexy cat, sexy mouse (The hardcore girls just wear lingiere and some form of animal ears). Or the offensive ones like sexy pope, sexy priest, sexy Cleopatra and sadly many others. These offensive costumes make Halloween, a fun festive time, into something that could hurt people.

Sexy costumes aren’t always offensive and most of them are actually pretty fun; however, this also stirs up some issues. Some may say that these costumes are bad because there isn’t any creativity or that they are over sexualizing women. I think that these issues are valid, but it boils down to the person wearing the costume.

Coming from a person whose mom would always make my costumes (they were pretty cool. I was Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas one year and I WAS the coolest on the block). So buying a costume was never really a problem for me, but going to some stores recently, seeing that when it wasn’t just a character from a movie it was sexualizing either a trope of Halloween: vampire, zombie and animals (one time I saw a sexy dinosaur). Or sexualizing a stereotype of a culture.

I don’t have a problem with these seductive costumes that aren’t problematic like a sexy bunny, if a person wants to wear something a little alluring to a party and have fun they should be able to. There shouldn’t be hate in a person simply for wanting to have a nice time out with friends and others. That person is living their life and they can do whatever they want.

My problem lies within the insensitive costumes There isn’t any need to make fun of someone’s religion, race or sexuality among other things as well. These things ruin the mood of a fun halloween spirit, making it worse for some you are making fun of.

Instead of a sexy nun outfit maybe wear a sexy chef, or instead of a sexy rabi be a sexy christmas tree. The changes can be made so that we don’t make the time feel weird for others and help us be more mindful of cultural differences. I mean who would want to be a sexy Jesus if you could be a sexy lamp?

There isn’t anything wrong with wearing something you feel confident in, dress as that sexy dinosaur and rawr XD all over the place. Or if you want to dress as Herminie Granger from Harry Potter and vogue with a wand out you do that. This season shouldn’t be about shaming people for wearing something unproblematic and fun for them – it should be used to have fun, get scared and shovel as much candy in your bag.