Diving into the girls swim season ft. Covid


Mary Davenport

Hailey Welp competes during the swim meet hosted at DGS.

Despite COVID conditions the DGS Girl’s swim team was able to host a meet on Oct 9th. Fortunately this has been one of the seasons that were able to still occur, despite other activities that COVID prevented this year. This season looks different to the team, but along with various swimmers returning new safety protocols have been issued.

A majority of the protocols include: taking each individual’s temperature, answering symptom/contact questions when arriving at practice, and wearing a mask all times while the swimmers are on deck.

Junior Audrey Mahoney was another swimmer who made a return this season, and has adapted to the new changes that her coaches have issued. “The major changes would be only having 3 people in a lane, and alternating which end of the pool has two swimmers or one,” Mahoney said.

A pandemic hasn’t stopped the girls from practicing on their own time though. Junior Hailey Welp explains how she made time to train even during quarantine.

“I had to focus more on land activities because I didn’t have access to the pool. With more free time, due to more time during the day, I am able to continue working outside of the pool to build on my cardio and endurance,” Welp said.

Even if the access to the pool isn’t as easy to obtain like last year, the girls have found ways to improve their skills at home. Not only have they practiced, but with the amount taken from the team they have continued to overlook the negativity and tried to stay positive.

Senior Madeline Padavic tries to always maintain a positive demeanor throughout the season, all in which helps her focus more on being the fastest she can be and dropping times for her events.

“I myself have stayed motivated by being positive about the future, potentially having more meets and just training with my club in a few weeks.”

Padavic is also planning on attending Miami University next year and is using this mindset as her motivation for her future athletic career. “I’m excited to swim at Miami next year so I really want to get those times that would put me in the best position on their team,” Padavic said.

The team is trying to make this season safe and enjoyable for all swimmers. Senior Sarah Sostak is grateful for the opportunities the girls were given this year, “I just try to have fun and I’ve realized how lucky I am to even have a season because there’s plenty of other sports who don’t get to practice everyday,” Sostak said.

“Even though I may not be going the fastest time in a race, I’m still happy to be swimming because I at least have the chance to be in the pool doing what I love.