10 popular Netflix shows that I refuse to watch


Lexie Lukacik, Photo Editor

I rarely watch tv, but when I do I always find nothing to watch. I’m very picky with what I choose, but honestly I think I just prefer good shows. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon to see a series just because people talk about it, I want to discover a series I can tell people about and not have them say, “I already watched the first 10 seasons in one night.” Most series on Netflix are basic, and here’s a list of prime examples:

10. Riverdale
This show was created in 2017 and follows the life of a young boy named Archie Andrews in the small town of Riverdale. Despite its pristine image, there are dark mysteries here that he explores. I had heard the acting was horrible and every teen focused show is the same. It always revolves around a triangle romance that causes some conflict that causes conflix which can be tiresome at times.

9. Outerbanks
This is a teen drama that is based on a coastal town in North Carolina. In this town there is a big social divide between working class local residents, wealthy visitors and owners who come and go. This show really didn’t appeal to me, I heard way too many memes being made out of scenes on TikTok. It gave me “Teen Beach Movie” vibes from Disney channel for some reason, and even though it’s not an obnoxious musical it instantly brought that image to my head.

8. You
This show follows the life of a bookstore manager named Joe Goldenberg. He becomes obsessed with a young writer he meets in his store and he begins to track her through social media to stalk her life. Do I need to say more? This would give me nightmares, and the fact that similar situations have happened to women and men in real life is terrifying. I don’t want to watch a show that’s in the perspective of the stalker.

7. Greys Anatomy
Doctors day and night, this popular television show that can be streamed on Netflix is a drama which follows the life of Meredith Grey. Her goal is to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a surgeon. No matter what you think, drama is outside and inside of the hospital at all times. I hate this show with a passion, and mainly because it has 17 seasons and I can barely sit down and watch one episode. Enough said.

6. The Office
Imagine working in an office all day… well this show reveals the everyday life of office workers for the Dunder Mifflin Paper company. The employees have comedic and intense situations brought their way. I’ve never watched the show fully, the one scene I saw made my stomach hurt from laughter. But, I feel like this show is overrated and therefore I have no interest in jumping on the bandwagon to see it.

5. On my Block
Focusing in on mainly a teen crowd, this show is a coming of age series that’s about a group of friends getting through high school together. One of their friends surrounds themselves with the wrong crowd, and the group does their best to help out. In all honesty I have never heard of this show before, the first time someone mentioned it I thought it was a book. It seems like every basic teen television show, and although the plot seems interesting the show looks like it could get dull fast.

4. Vampire Diaries
The show follows the life and events of Elena Gilbert, a teenager whose parents suffered a tragic event in a car accident. She soon finds someone who peaks her interest and falls in love, but the catch is he’s a vampire. I’ve always wanted to see this show.The amount of people who continue to rewatch and talk about it is ridiculous. Personally I like shows that are inconsistent and aren’t the same each season, but this show reminds me of Pretty Little Liars; which turned out to have the most convoluted worst storyline ending.

3. Ginny and Georgia
This new Netflix original came out not too long ago and many people are talking about it. The show revolves around the life of Ginny and her mom Georgia. The 15 year old feels as if she’s the only sane one in her family, and hates how her mom acts childish when she’s the adult. The family gets ready for a big move, and things look like they’re turning around. All I have to say is: horrible acting. I made it 5 minutes into the show and slammed my computer screen; I will never watch it again.

2. The 100
97 years after a nuclear war that has destroyed all forms of civilization, lone survivors organize one hundred juvenile delinquents to come back to earth. The goal is hope in repopulating and bringing some kind of normalcy on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, this show sounds groundbreaking. I’m not the brightest person, and this show also sounds like every episode will be like a puzzle piece. I would rather have a show tell me flat out what’s happening, I don’t want to have to guess.

1. Criminal Minds
Talk about puzzle pieces, this show is definitely recommended for people who like guessing games. Following a group of criminal profilers who work for the FBI, viewers watch their investigations and find the perpetrators. Again, guessing games are not my thing. I’ve heard phenomenal reviews about this show; I would not plan on ever watching this show unless I suddenly became interested in FBI work and was smart enough to figure out a mystery.