Contact sports in 2020: Selfishness over safety


Photo By Drey McGrew

“high school athletes have all been on edge wondering if they will be getting a season for their sport”

Ever since the start of quarantine back in March of 2020, high school athletes have all been on edge wondering if they will be getting a season for their sport in the upcoming school year. Unfortunately, that question is still up in the air, but only for some.

Covid-19 is a virus that is spread from person to person contact, due to this knowledge a plethora of high school and colleges have postponed or canceled their fall sports seasons. But not all, if everyone is vulnerable to the same virus, how come some states are still allowing their fall sports to continue.

Safety always comes first when it comes to athletes playing their sports, so if Covid-19 is as dangerous as it is being portrayed in the media, then why are contact sports even in the question.

Texas, is the largest state in the US, is allowing high school athletes to play their sports and have even broadcasted high school football games on National Television with people in the stands, whilst the NBA, where professional athletes who are getting paid to play their sport have been forced to play their sport in a quarantined off arena with no visitors.

Texas is one of 21 states that are still on schedule for their fall sports seasons to continue even though Covid-19 is still very much affecting people. Illinois, one of the many states that have decided to postpone their fall sports to a later date, reported 2,145 cases of Covid-19 on September 11th. Texas, on the other hand, a state that is proceeding to allow its fall sports to continue. Reported 3,547 cases of Covid-19.

How is a state that is currently reporting more cases of Covid-19, being allowed to continue with their fall sports with no restrictions, while states that aren’t reporting as many cases being subjected to having their sports postponed or even canceled completely?

Are the coronaviruses being blown out of proportion, or are some people just being ignorant of other’s safety and pursuing their personal goals without thinking of the consequences? Coaches and Athletes claim safety always comes first but is that the case in 2020?