Friday Night Lights Out

Michael Nelli

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Lauren Wilmore

“It’ll be back to normal one day. I don’t know when but when it is, it will be a special senior year,” Warehime said.

With fall usually comes students decked out head to toe with spirit wear ready to cheer on their football team. Football games bring the whole school together, but this year the bleachers will be a graveyard with no students in attendance. Students and administration are now trying to figure out what a football season without fans will look like.

The pandemic has changed many things for students and staff. DGS senior Nina Pinto speaks on what this means for her final year to watch high school football.

“Everyone looks forward to it and the whole school wants to be at games and not having it makes it so there’s nothing to look forward to. It brings the whole school together, and now we can’t have that,” Pinto said.

The game can be shaped by fans and what they do for the home team. Varsity quarterback Cole Warehime talks about what fans do for the football team.

“Football is not that fun without the fans. Fans bring energy to the table. Hopefully, when we get back, things will be normal, and we can have a normal season,” Warehime said.

While football season isn’t a likely possibility with fans in attendance, nothing is set in stone. Student Activities Director Jennifer Martinez speaks on the possibility of fans being in attendance for the teams’ spring season.

“That is an answer that I cannot determine right now. The guidance we have received is ever-changing. Where we are at right now and where will be in the spring could be completely different,” Martinez said.

Football season for seniors is a big deal. Senior Maxx Palenik speaks on the disappointment of not being able to run the stands this season.

“It’s disappointing, I’ve been looking forward to it since freshman year to be a senior in the student section and cheer on the boys on the field,” Palenik said.

Not having football leaves a major gap for students and school spirit opportunities. Martinez elaborates on ways the school is helping this.

“There are lots of different ideas being talked about whether student-generated or club generated. We want to try to maintain school spirit, figure out ways to connect us as a community,” Martinez said.

Since fans can’t go out and see the team perform on the field, Warehime wanted to send a message to the students.

“It’ll be back to normal one day. I don’t know when but when it is, it will be a special senior year,” Warehime said.