May 12 Downers Grove village council meeting recap


Vincent Llanes

Mayor Robert Barnett is preparing to start the council meeting.

On May 12, 2020, the Downers Grove council had a remote meeting led by mayor Robert Barnett. This meeting took place in the village hall of downtown Downers Grove. The council ensures viewers that high quality equipment was used to capture both the video and audio of the meeting.

Most of the meeting’s agenda and goals were in regards to COVID-19 and its impact on the residents of Downers Grove, with very little attention being paid towards the typical agenda.

The council stresses the critical nature of COVID 19.

“To call these times unique and unprecedented is by now an understatement,” commissioner Greg Hose said.

In these times, the council urges action to take place. The situation demands a degree of cooperation and resilience.

“The uptick in frustration is palpable … however, it turns out we’re all in it together. It would be good if everyone would give their fellow man a break,” commissioner Marge Earl said.

The council is no stranger to encouraging strength in this time. For instance, the council pays heed to the graduating class of 2020. Barnett announces a new celebrative local holiday for the class of 2020.

“Now I therefore Robert T. Barnett, mayor of Downers Grove, proclaim Friday May, 22nd, 2020 as class of 2020 day in the village of Downers Grove and encourage all parents, students and residents of Downers Grove to celebrate the achievements of our community seniors in accordance with Restore Illinois phase two,” Barnett said.

Furthermore, the council urges care for other factions in need of support such as local businesses and restaurants. For instance, the positive attention given to doctors and law enforcement illustrates the care a community can provide for others.

Ultimately, the meeting emphasizes the need for safety, protection and upholding of the Downers community.

The meeting format is planned to be further modified in next June, with this particular meeting being the final one for May.

“The point is … we’re all gonna go together. It will be easier if we stop pointing fingers and name calling. That’s not gonna help the situation,” Earl said.