Netflix releases dating show ‘Love Is Blind’


Ashley Boak

“Love Is Blind” leaves viewers interested for the entire 11 episode series.

Is love truly blind? Fifteen single men and single women ventured into a dating world to figure out if love is truly blind. Can couples create an emotional connection without ever seeing the person they are falling in love with?

Nick and Vanessa Lachey host the Netflix original series ‘Love Is Blind’, documenting the entire psychological love experiment as couples try to find their soulmate without ever seeing them.

In episode 11 of the Netflix original, the males and females of the experiment were kept in separate living quarters. The only time the males and females interact with one another is through the pods, where even then, they are not able to see one another. The main goal of the pod was to create an emotional connection with the other person before meeting them in person.

The participants talked to multiple people before setting down to talk to the person they want to get engaged to. After the engagement is official, couples are allowed to see each other for the first time as they begin a normal life outside the pods. Four weeks later, they are set to get married where they will either say “I do” or “I don’t” to their partner.

The pods are created with a thin wall separating the female pod from the male pod. The couples would go into the pod whenever they wanted to communicate to one another. While the couples were communicating, they were allowed to take notes about the person that they were talking to.

One of my favorite parts of the show was how the couples were truly allowed to talk about anything and everything while they were in the pods with one another. Not being able to see the person you are falling in love with is hard, so being able to talk about anything to get to know them better truly helps. The couples would talk about things such as their age, hometown, what they are looking for in a partner and much more.

My favorite couple throughout the entire series was Lauren and Cameron. Cameron was the first person to propose in the entire show so I was instantly interested in their relationship to see if they would actually last to the time they get married. I’m not going to spoil anything so if you want to see if they last to get married you’ll have to watch the show yourself.

Another thing that I loved about the show was the multiple interviews that they had with each person individually. Episode one starts out with participants sharing why they wanted to become a part of this physiological experiment. Many participants wanted to join this experiment because it was different from modern-day dating because you don’t see the person you are talking to.

The show also included interviews with the participants after they talked to each other. They would share how they felt about their conversations, if they saw a relationship with that person and also who they were truly falling for.

One thing in specific that I didn’t like about the show was how the couples were sent to live in the same community once they were engaged leading up to their wedding. There were multiple couples that actually got engaged on the show and after their trip to Mexico to begin creating physical connections with one another, they were all told that they would become neighbors while living in the same apartment complex. I believe that the couples should have been able to move to wherever they wanted following the experiment to allow them to begin their life together.

Even with that one specific flaw, the Netflix original truly deserves five out of five stars. The entire show captured my attention from the first episode and left me binge-watching the entire series in two days. I am one to believe now after watching this series that love is truly blind.