DGS hosts annual Daddy Daughter Dance


Lauren Wilmore

The Daddy Daughter Dance is themed after the movie ‘Frozen 2.’

UPDATE: This even has been cancelled do to the COVID-19 virus.

DGS will be hosting its 10th annual Daddy Daughter Dance to fund this year’s philanthropy project, Think Globally, Act Locally.

Activities Director Jennifer Martinez commented on why DGS hosts the Daddy Daughter Dance every year.

“[Hosting the dance] is just a good service in raising money for the philanthropy [project], providing an opportunity for the community to become connected to South and also to have fun,” Martinez said.

Different from dances in the past, the theme of this year’s dance will be “Frozen 2.” Martinez spoke on choosing the dance theme.

“‘Frozen 2’ just came out, and everyone loves it. … We brainstorm together as a team to figure out what we want to go for,” Martinez said.

The dance will have a variety of “Frozen”-themed activities for the girls to do along with dancing with their dads. Student Activities Executive Assistant Mary Wiley mentioned that some of the games that will be offered for the girls are Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Pin the Nose on Olaf, Frozen Buckets, Ring Around Sven, Frozen Bowling and a Showing of “Frozen 2.”

Student activities aren’t the only individuals helping with the dance. Junior student council member Megan Fogarty will be dressed up as Elsa and singing “Frozen” songs during the dance. Fogarty talked about why she’s chosen to help with the dance for three years.

“It’s a really fun night, and it’s worth every second of my time. I know that all the work put into the dance will pay off the second I see their smiles. That’s what makes the night so memorable,” Fogarty said.

Along with Fogarty senior student council executive board member Heather Lea spoke about her role in helping with the dance.

“As a member of student council’s exec. board, I was responsible for organizing and planning all events at the dance. We were also responsible for finding volunteers and organizing the different stations. I also get to play a princess at the dance,” Lea said.

Overall, one of the highlights of the dance is the students interacting with the girls. Wiley commented on the success of the daddy daughter dance each year because of these interactions.

“Watching our students interact with kids, I think that’s maybe where we differ from other places that there aren’t all these awesome high school kids that are interacting with the little kids, because they like it,” Wiley said.