Lauv releases ‘how i’m feeling’: an album two years in the making


Lauren Wilmore

Lauv’s album expresses the issues with social media and it how it creates loneliness.

After a long two years Lauv finally released his second album, “how i’m feeling,” on March 6, 2020. Between the ten singles and two artist collaborations released before the album, it’s safe to say that the release of “how i’m feeling” was long anticipated by fans.

When Lauv started dropping singles at the end of 2018, it was obvious that his second album would have a completely different vibe to it than his first album, “I met you when I was 18.” The difference being an array of emotions seeping through the notes of each song. The cover of his album portrays these emotions as multiple “alter egos” of himself that present themselves differently in each song.

At first glance, the album seems quirky and very much “pop radio.” With the release of “I’m Lonely” featuring Anne-Marie, I was concerned that Lauv had taken his music in a very mainstream pop direction, which I was not a fan of. But as I dove into all 21 meaningful, deep tracks, my feelings towards his music changed tremendously.

As I was listening to this album it seemed as though Lauv was letting out emotions he was keeping bottled up while simultaneously addressing big issues of loneliness, social media and caring what others think of you.

Lauv purposefully chose “Modern Loneliness” as the last song of “how i’m feeling.” The song perfectly encompasses the true message and vibe he was trying to put out into the world; how we can be so connected through social media, yet still feel so alone.

“Modern loneliness/We’re never alone, but always depressed, yeah/Love my friends to death/But I never call and I never text.”

I personally thought this was the best song of the album because of the truth it holds and how it has the capability to resonate with so many of Lauv’s fans.

A song that relays a similar message is “Drugs and the Internet.” Lauv talks about how with social media being such a big part of our lives, we care so much what others think of us.

“And I don’t wanna base my actions/On reactions or the things they say/And I don’t wanna hit delete/On all the parts of me that they might hate.”

Another song that connects to this same vibe is the song “Sad Forever.” This song Lauv described as his rock bottom, which you can hear through the heavy, serious lyrics.

“My mind/Whispers in the nighttime/Voices always keeping me up/Telling me that I should give up.”

Even though most of the album is a reflection of the hard times Lauv has gone through in the past two years, there are a handful of songs that have a happy meaning to them. “Tattoos Together,” “Canada” and “El Tejano” are songs Lauv described in an interview as his “fantasy” songs.

“Took me by the hand and asked me if I had plans/I said gettin’ drunk and pretendin’ that I can dance/She laughed, I fell in love and now it’s no goin’ back.”

Overall I think this was an amazing album. The way Lauv let out all of his emotions and beautifully expressed it through music still baffles me. From being at a devastating rock bottom to having a happy, fun time with friends, every emotion is shown through “how i’m feeling.”

I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but “how i’m feeling” is in love with this album.