Which Naruto character are you based off your horoscope


Drey McGrew

Discover which Naruto character you are based on your horoscope.

Naruto — If you are an Aries, then you have the same traits as Naruto. You never give up, and you persevere through everything. You also gain lots of love and trust from the people whom you encounter.

Sakura — You are kind, and you care for others like Sakura. You always put others before yourself and are reliable. Despite having a kind soul, you have a short temper, so if anyone pushes you the wrong way, then you put them in their place.

Shikamaru — You are very intelligent, and people like being around you, just as with Shikamaru. You always make times better, and people can look to you for guidance. You can be considered the wise one in your friend group.

Itachi — You have a small friend group and are very trustworthy and loyal. You are good at keeping secrets, and you can tell whether something is wrong or right. You have parent-like traits because you always make sure everyone is doing well.

Rock Lee — You are very energetic and passionate about things. You love winning and are very competitive. You are confident in everything you do, even if it’s new to you. This can also be seen as your weakness though because you get easily depressed when you don’t succeed.

Neji — You are very serious and have goals you want to achieve in life. You have little time for fun because you are too focused on improving. It’s hard for you to open up to new people, so you have a small group of friends.

Tsunade — You are the most charming out of everyone. You love to be in control and make sure everything is equal. You are a big peace bringer and love when there is a balance.

Temari — You have the meanest and strictest personality. Nobody ever messes with you because they know better. You are very protective of your emotions so you barely open up to new people.

Sasuke — You are a free spirit and take orders from nobody. You are your own boss and you are very antisocial. This doesn’t bother you though because you can entertain yourself and find ways to do things on your own

Pain — You are a very passionate and hardworking person. You don’t mind working hard to get to your goal. No matter what you have to do you will achieve your dreams.

Hinata — You are a very intelligent and kind person. Lots of people like you for your unique personality and kindness. Despite having lots of friends, you are a very private person and don’t let anyone into your personal life.

Kakashi — You are very empathetic and know how to react to different situations. You are the go-to person in the group when things take a turn for the worse because you always have the best judgment of situations.