What type of soda are you based on your horoscope?


Students receiving crush cans in the previous week certainly has prompted this question.

Vincent Llanes, Copy Editor

It is February, and Valentine’s Day has already passed. Perhaps the presence of Crush cans has inspired a certain question: what type of soda am I? Thankfully, the plethora of horoscopes available will be able to answer that question.

Taurus: Crush
Your self-drive and compassion reflects the same spirit of the crush can giveaways.

Aries: Dr. Pepper
High independence is reflective of strength. Why not be the soda with arguably the strongest flavoring?

Gemini: Ginger Ale
You like to bring an air of calm to people. Likewise, ginger ale is the go-to for stomach and head pain.

Leo: Monster
Going all out is going to demand a lot of caffeine. Monster would be a perfect fit for your ambitious nature.

Cancer: Fanta Orange
Empathy and care often demands a more conscientious sort of soft drink. Enjoy being something that is caffeine free and containing less sugar!

Virgo: Sprite
You love playing it safe. Sprite is a good, traditional soda that will always satisfy your needs.

Libra: Pepsi
Pepsi is so commonly recognized that it can be bought and enjoyed by everyone. Show your cooperating and sharing nature by representing this drink.

Scorpio: Mountain Dew
Your tendency to ignore the unpopular opinion leads you to Mountain Dew! Following your own principles are often critical to personal fulfillment.

Capricorn: Coca-Cola
As a very traditional person, Coca-Cola is your most favorable option for satisfaction.

Aquarius: Root Beer
Social consciousness means greater obsession with popular drinks. Root Beer is a drink that stands out and is popular with the crowd.

Pisces: 7UP
Creativity often leads you to the more unpopular drinks. Being 7UP truly distinguishes you.