Friendship Friday: Jordan Bertrand and Skyler Groveau


Courtesy: Jordan Bertrand

The two friends on a trip to San Francisco during the summer of 2018.

Seniors Jordan Bertrand and Skyler Groveau have been best friends since the beginning of freshman year. However, they have known each other for way longer. Groveau talked about how they first met.

“[We] met in third grade through my cousin. … I hated her [then], but now I love her,” Groveau said.

With college only a few months away, Bertrand and Groveau have set their sights on a few similar schools. Bertrand talks about what school would be like if they went to college together.

“Well I know for a fact that we wouldn’t room together. Most friends that room together usually grow out of their friendship. I love Skyler so much but I want to branch out and meet other people [and] create other relationships without meeting them with or through her. We are attached to the hip but that shouldn’t define or affect how we grow as individuals,” Bertrand said.