Top 10 Valentine’s Day candies


Ashley Boak

These lollipops are the superior Valentine’s Day candy that you are sure to find me eating on Feb. 14.

10. Conversation hearts

These chalk-like candies earn themselves the 10th spot on our Top 10 Tuesday. These hearts were great for bingo in first grade but when you go to eat them, they leave a chalk-like feeling all over your teeth. You will never find me diving into a box of Brach’s Conversation Hearts.

9. The Russell Stover chocolate box

This overpriced candy earns itself the ninth spot on our leaderboard. You are mainly paying for the packaging because inside the cardboard heart-shaped box is only about three pieces of chocolate, if you’re lucky. When it comes to buying chocolate, I’d rather pay for good chocolate, not good cardboard packaging.

8. Chocolate rose

I have never understood these candies, but they have always interested me. These hollow pieces of chocolate that are shaped like a rose are a holiday classic that leaves people feeling like they got a flower but even better because they can eat it.

7. Reese’s Hearts

Personally, I believe that whenever companies change their candy into special holiday shapes, they always taste different. I’m not hating on Reese’s but there is nothing wrong with just a basic package of Reese’s to show someone how much you care about them.

6. Only pink Starburst

While these are not Valentine’s Day specific candy, they do fall into the pink and red color theme. We all know the pink Starbursts are the best, and I am a giant fan of the all red or all pink package. If you are looking for a gift for your Starburst loving friend, this is the choice for you.

5. Twizzlers

Along with Starbursts, Twizzlers are not Valentine’s Day specific but do fall into the color theme. The twisty, pull apart candy is a perfect idea for your friends who like to play with their food and travel back in time to when they were in elementary school.

4. Fun Dip

Fun Dip was a classic candy to hand out on Valentine’s Day to your friends in second grade. I remember dipping the little chalk-like stick into the sugary powder until my tongue turned blue. We should really make Fun Dip available all year round because I would buy it often.

3. Chocolate covered strawberries

With the amount of chocolate that is covering the strawberries, we might as well consider them to be a candy. Chocolate covered strawberries are a perfect way to show someone how much you care. The bright-red berry inside of the chocolate makes you feel a little less guilty for eating an entire box by yourself.

2: Dove chocolate:

I love Dove chocolate, especially when they change the wrappers from the original blue to light pink with cute sayings on the inside. Personally, I believe that Dove chocolate sayings are the perfect gift to buy someone whenever you want a good laugh. The sayings on the inside can be fun and flirty along with serious and compassionate, which makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day.

1: Sweet Tart heart-shaped lollipops:

The Sweet Tart heart-shaped lollipops are the absolute best candy to receive on Valentine’s Day. The tangy, tart candy mixed with the berry flavor leaves me eating an entire bag by myself. If you are looking to buy your favorite Blueprint Photo Editor a Valentine’s Day gift, I would love a bag of these lollipops.