DGS cheer creates a lifelong friendship


    Lauren Wilmore

    Juniors Abby Cigrand and Kendall Swider have been cheering together for two years.

    Q: How did you both become close friends? 

    Cigrand: “Kendall and I were both on the cheer team together for two years, and we were friends but not as close. She was actually my flier for some of sophomore year. At the end of sophomore year, we started hanging out together and found we have a lot of similar interests. Even though Kendall went on to be a DGS Fillie and didn’t continue cheer, our friendship grew even more over the summer. I’d say that whole chunk of time is how we became close.”

    Swider: “A significant event that brought us close was definitely when we went to open gym together after the cheer season had ended sophomore year. We all wanted to improve our tumbling to try and make varsity our junior year. We actually ended up not even working on our tumbling but just hanging out, and we had so much fun together that we decided we should hang out again. That was really how he became close friends.”