Q&A with Meghan Stapleton

Kira Matheson, Online Opinions Editor

Q: Who is your biggest role model in the basketball world?
A: My biggest role model would have to be my dad. My dad played in high school and played in intramurals in college but he plays all of the time just to enjoy it. He’s always been there for me in practice and since he’s so [involved] in it, he’s been my biggest supporter.

Q: What would you ask your basketball hero?
A: I’d ask him what he misses the most about playing so I could think about [what he thinks] and know what to cherish in the moment.

Q: What is your daily motivation?
A: It would have to be to push myself so I can be the best I can be. There are so many people who get injured or can’t play as much as they want and I cherish being able to play basketball. Making sure that when I’m playing I can help my teammates be as good as they can be.

Q: What would be the perfect game in your eyes?
A: Having points doesn’t even matter as much, but if we were to win off of a good game, everyone would have a big number of assists, showing everyone that we have been working together and having multiple people [score] in double digits. That shows how much we’ve been playing as a team instead of individually.

Q: What impact do you hope to have on the team atmosphere?
A: I want everyone to be able to work well as a team, and if I can help that’s enough. I want to make everyone on the team feel like they’re included and excited to go out and win.

Q: How do you move past the difficulties you are faced with on the court?
A: Mostly, this year has been kind of hard because we’ve lost a lot of people from last year, so it’s mostly just knowing that I can play or what I can and can’t do for my teammates. It’s knowing everybody’s strengths and knowing that we can all go through it.

Q: If you were to tell your younger self when you started basketball something, what would it be?
A: I would tell myself to work more on one-on-one because most people look at how you play individually. [Also] hiding your reactions to things, because I don’t hide my reactions when I’m upset, and I need to put that aside for my team.

Ashley Boak
Junior Meghan Stapelton getting in the zone while playing against Proviso East on Fri. Dec 13.
Ashley Boak
Stapelton practicing free throw shots during warm-ups at their game against Proviso East
Ashley Boak
Stapelton trying to gain possession of the ball after Proviso East missed a basket.