Q and A with senior Jacob Kesterson


Grace Mugnolo

Overworked senior Jacob Kesterson sleeps after working on biology. Kesterson answers some last questions.

Q: When was the last really good home-cooked meal you had?

A: My mom cooks every night. Last night, she made a hamburger casserole. She was supposed to make, tostadas but she didn’t have the stuff she needed, so I got hamburger casserole instead. It was pretty good.

Q: When was the last time you rage-quit something?

A: Last night, 2k20 just came out. I was playing that last night, and I was just playing my career, but it was just annoying me, all the shots I was missing, [so] I had to call it quits.

Q: When was the last time you saw a nice play at a volleyball game?

A: Last year, which was last season,  it was on varsity. One of our seniors, Brandon Parks, at the time was against our last conference opponent, Addison Trail. It was the last play of the first set, and he just bounced the ball and the whole bench went crazy. The referee actually had to talk to our Capitan Jack Tischler to tell us to settle down and stop being annoying.

Q: What was the last movie that made you die laughing?

A: I just saw “Good Boys” this past weekend, and I thought it was pretty funny. I think it was the first time I’ve actually gone to a comedy movie and genuinely laughed throughout it.

Q: What was the last series you binge-watched?

A: I guess technically “The Society” on Netflix just because it’s the most recent I watched, and there’s only one season, but I watched the whole season in two days.

Q: When was the last time you saw a childhood friend?

A: I used to go to St. Scholastica, and so I know a couple kids that go to different schools now, but they work at the Pizza Hut by my house. That’s always fun seeing someone that you know from old times at work.

Q: When was the last time you made a stupid bet?

A: One time I went mini-golfing with a couple of friends, and I feel like I’m pretty good at mini-golfing, but I have this one friend who is really good at everything. I made a five-dollar bet with him knowing that I was probably going to lose it, but I can’t back down from a bet.

Q: When was the last vacation or time you left the state?

A: Last summer, I went down to Minnesota just because they have no sales tax on clothing, so it was a good place to shop for back to school clothes.

Q: What was the last time you interacted with a fear of yours?

A: I had my Spanish-speaking assessment. Spanish IV is really hard. It’s all about history, so it’s about this painter named Goya, and I was randomly given four of his paintings, so I had to deal with that.