Earth Action Club slams climate change at annual event

Natalia Ruiz

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Photo Courtesy Ina Barashka

Science periods go down to watch the Energy Slam.

On April 25 Earth Action Club will present its yearly Energy Slam. Students will provide different solutions to help the climate change problem that humans are causing. The Energy Slam will be held during all eight periods in the auditorium.

Earth Action Club is sponsored by science teacher James Workman and co-leaders Kirk Hoffman and Kelly Lyons. U.S. Representative Sean Casten will also make an appearance during third and fourth periods.

Workman said he hopes that after watching the Energy Slam, conversations will stimulate, and people will help make change to improve our environment.

“The whole idea is to present different possible solutions to the climate change problem that humans are causing. The three proposed solutions are cap and trade, carbon taxation, federal stimulus and federal mandates … Hopefully it will stimulate conversation in classes,” Workman said.

Junior Jordan Bertrand will be presenting the carbon tax and dividend option with Skyler Groveau. She shared what viewers can take away after the presentation.

“Viewers should expect to learn about the different legislative ways to stop the growth of climate change, along with a new understanding of why climate change is happening and why we need to slow it down,” Bertrand said.

Hoffman shared what he wants viewers to take away from the Slam.

“Climate change is the most serious issue affecting our generation today. Climate change affects everything, we see it in hurricane Maria and in all the hurricanes that happened last year. Climate change can be linked to crises in the middle east. If we don’t address climate change in a quick and effective way there is a point of no return,” Hoffman said.