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Colin Dodd

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Dispenser despair
April 23, 2019

Colin Dodd

Students had the opportunity to sample and vote at the stands stationed in the lunchroom

On the week of Jan. 21, 2019, DGS began offering students samples of the foods from different restaurants and asked them to vote for their favorite on Jan. 25, 2019. This was done to possibly choose a new restaurant for the school to offer for students in the cafetorium.

There were three options to choose from, the first one being “Made to Melt,” which sold toasted sandwiches. The second option was “Flame,” selling traditional burgers. The third option was “The Roost,” which sold chicken sandwiches.

The vote was completed and the winner was announced to be “Made to Melt” with the students’ vote being nearly unanimous.

Sabra Barowski, lead manager of the cafeteria, gave the reason as to why this was done

“We are changing it up to attract more students [to the cafeteria] with different varieties of food,” Barowski said.

New restaurants can be a way to attract more students to buy hot lunch. Some students believe that change is needed to keep things new in the lunchroom. DGS junior Steven Vanni gave his opinion on DGS changing things up in the lunchroom.

“I think that it would be interesting if things were changed up every once in a while, but with that said I would probably lose part of my soul if the nachos place was taken away,” Vanni said.

Some students believe that change is needed every once in a while to keep things interesting, but not all students agree. Senior Missy Tepe gave her opinion on the cafetorium.

The foods offered make it very difficult for students that have food sensitivities to eat at school, and with students who get free or reduced lunch or get hot lunch out of convenience, it doesn’t tend to be the best option,” Tepe said.

Whether you agree or disagree with the changes to the cafetorium, Made to Melt will become a permanent option as of Feb. 19, 2019, so try to be excited about the new grilled cheeses and paninis, because they’re here to stay.