In a studying frenzy? Read some helping horoscopes


Srushti Desai

Here is the finals schedule for 2018, with times listed

Finals are right around the corner.  If you haven’t already figured out your studying habits, check out the horoscopes below:

Aries- Forgets to study and then studies the night before finals.

Taurus- Started studying before school even began.

Gemini- Forgets when they started and finished studyingthe one who pulls an all nighter.

Cancer- Looks over notes and review packets, but doesn’t actually do the review.

Leo- Finals are next week and I haven’t touched my review packets. I’m fine, everything’s fine…

Virgo- Reviewing started during Thanksgiving break; reasonable timing.

Libra- Just realized finals are coming up and they should’ve been studying.

Scorpio- Huh? What’s studying?

Sagittarius- Planned out what subjects to study on what day; ahead of the game.

Capricorn- Studies for one final and fails the rest.

Aquarius- Studies for a few hours and calls it a day.

Pisces- Again, studying just isn’t a word in my dictionary, I don’t know what it means.