Horoscopes: how to have a ‘spook’-tacular Halloween


Srushti Desai

A truly frightening Halloween costume.

Looking for a spooky horoscope? Read below to see your scary horoscope for the day.

Aries-  Beware of your surroundings today, it’s wild out there and you don’t know what can come get you. Maybe this movie will help.

Taurus- Bloody Mary, more like flashback Mary. Don’t go taking too many pictures with flash tonight.

Gemini- You like playing with dolls — not after you watch this movie.

Cancer- Take your voice down a notch and watch this movie.

Leo- Looking for new projects to start, maybe this movie will give you some inspiration.

Virgo- Need a break from all the scares? Watch this movie for a wicked time.

Libra- Your love for experimenting with scientific tools may come to life when you give this movie a watch.

Scorpio- Conjure up a scare by watching this movie.

Sagittarius- You don’t like when you are told what to do, but I dare you to watch this movie.

Capricorn- Want to live out your dreams of bathing in pig blood, watch this movie and you won’t even want to do it.

Aquarius- Had enough scares today? Watch this scary movie for a few more.

Pisces- You may be a Michael Myers fan, but maybe not after you watch this movie.