More than one way to apply foundation?


Did you know that not cleaning your makeup brushes could be a health hazard? Well makeup brushes can have up to 100 bacteria and still be safe to use, but when the bacteria count is more than 40,000, your skin is in trouble.

Makeup has evolved a lot in the past few years, and the techniques have changed as well. Many years ago people used their hands to apply foundation on their faces, but now there are things like brushes, sponges and stamps.

The first tool released for foundation application was the brush. Under this category there are many different kinds of brushes including flat foundation brushes and kabuki foundation brushes. The flat foundation brush is a big paint brush for your face and the kabuki foundation brush is an even bigger and fluffier paint brush.

After the foundation brush was the makeup sponge, originally called the beauty blender. This product was a huge hit because it blended out makeup even smoother than the brush technique. The makeup sponge can be used two ways: wet or dry. Since it is a sponge it will expand in size when you get it wet.

Although the application of the makeup sponge was so smooth, it just wasn’t enough for the makeup industry and the beauty gurus. This called for the release of the famous CosmeFibre, supersoft, makeup brushes. The foundation brush has a large number of tightly packed bristles which allow for flawless application and make these brushes different from normal brushes that have loosely packed bristles .

The last and craziest product is the silicone sponge, which is exactly what it sounds like — a sponge/makeup applicator made out of silicone. It is clear and many beauty gurus have said it looks like an implant that someone could get. Despite the weirdness, many people seem to enjoy this product.

Since there was no clear conclusion about which product was the best, I decided to test them all out. To give all of the products a fair chance, I tested each of them out twice, with the expectation of the makeup sponge because that was the product that I had been using for application before the experiment.

I still love the makeup sponge, and until another cool application product comes out, I will keep using the makeup sponge because it never fails to make my skin look flawless. Although the product that I use daily didn’t change, I did like some qualities about the other products.

The silicone sponge surprised me with it’s application because it was actually better than the flat foundation brush, which was very streaky. This doesn’t mean the silicone sponge isn’t streaky, it just means that there is less streakiness and more coverage.

Out of the three new products I tried, I would definitely use the CosmeFibre foundation brush when I want full-coverage because it blends makeup into looking like it’s your skin. I got a three-pack of the CosmeFibre brushes, and I actually found a new favorite brush for cream contouring.

If I were to recommend one product to try from these four products, I would tell you to get the CosmeFibre brushes, or if you’ve never tried a makeup sponge, get that because it is equally as good as the brushes are.

I didn’t go into this experiment thinking I was going to find a new way to apply my foundation. I knew that I loved the makeup sponge since I have been using it for so long, and I did this experiment with the sole purpose of wanting to try new things and expanding my horizons.