Eat, sleep, skate: Josey aims for a successful season

Katie Anthony

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Issue 5
May 18, 2018
May 11, 2018
May 11, 2018

Madelyn Josey’s morning doesn’t begin through the doors of DGS, but instead on the fresh ice of the rink. It isn’t the piercing first period bell that wakes her, it’s the sound of newly sharpened skates slicing through the smooth ice.

Josey’s mornings, nights and weekends are intertwined with skating practices and competitions in West Meadows, Glenview, Oakton and across the Midwest.

“During a typical practice I start with warm-up laps. I have this routine I do to warm up my knees, ankles, and edges by running through all the turns and twizzles. Then I usually work on freestyle jumps and spins on my own,” Josey said.

Josey’s mother, Nicolette Josey recognizes the sacrifices Josey has had to make in order to fit skating into her already busy high school schedule.

“Madelyn sacrifices many things for skating: sleep, time to work on homework, time to be with friends, time for a job and even missing school for testing or competitions,” Nicolette Josey said.

Josey’s typical week revolves around 16 hours dedicated to skating, with the rest spread between her job at The Farm, and her obligations as a DGS Fillie.

Josey’s closest friend and teammate, Alex Kasperski ’17 recognizes Josey’s dedication to the sport.

“I see Maddie never giving up. Believe me, skating really sucks sometimes. But Maddie always pushes through and is always putting in 110% into what she is doing on the ice and that is so admirable to me,” Kasperski said.

Senior Bridget Barnebey is a close friend of Josey’s and has also danced alongside her for all four seasons of her career with the Fillies. This year, Barnebey is the captain of the team and recognizes Josey’s commitment.

“I couldn’t imagine balancing school, dance and skating the way Madelyn does. I have seen her get stressed about it all before, and I would too, but she always manages to give time to all of her responsibilities,” Barnebey said.

“It’s difficult to balance dance and skating, but I try to schedule my individual practice sessions around the Fillies schedule,” Josey said.

As both a Fillie and member of the Chicago Jazz, Josey recognizes the difference between being involved in a sport in school versus outside of school.

“Being in a sport in school is fun because I get to represent my school and perform for classmates. It’s nice being involved in something that people recognize and know about. It’s different being in something outside of school because there are a lot of people that don’t even know I skate or what exactly the type of skating I do,” Josey said.

 Josey also understands the amount of dedication it takes to participate in an activity outside of DGS.

“With skating it’s such a commitment that you know for sure everyone who is there is dedicated since they are doing it out the drive they have for success not recognition from the school,” Josey said.

The hours Josey has put into her sport haven’t come without reward. After 10 seasons with the Dazzler’s, Josey will be joining a highly competitive team this season, the Chicago Jazz.

Chicago Jazz prides themselves on following the four tenents of “trust, respect, volunteerism, and pride.” Josey is a member of their Junior level team which consists of high-level members ages 13-19.

“The biggest struggle for me was letting her join a junior level team, which meant leaving the team she had been a part of for 11 years, to skate her final season on a new team,” Nicolette Josey said.

The Chicago Jazz snagged first place in nationals last year, and Josey has high hopes for the team again this year.

“As a part of Chicago Jazz, a lot has changed in my skating. I practice way more than I ever have in the past, and at a whole new level. I’ve already grown as a skater from the new methods of off ice training I have been introduced to,” Josey said.

Josey’s choice to switch teams is already playing out, as the team will be competing in Sweden and Scotland as team U.S.A.

Opportunities like this push Josey to continue through the hours of practice required to perfect every jump, turn and glide.

“I get to travel to a lot of new places and have friends from all across the country. I’ve skated with girls from North Dakota, Arizona, New York and across the Midwest,” Josey said.

Skating has not only impacted Josey’s high school career, but it will also continue to influence her throughout her college years.

“She will only go to a college that has synchronized skating as a fully funded sport. Which means if she makes it on the team, the college pays the costs for ice time, coaches, and travel. So, she has 2 colleges she is deciding between,” Nicolette Josey said.

Josey is currently considering Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio

“I fell in love with both schools and their skating programs, so now I am just trying to decide which will be the right fit for me,” Josey said.

No matter where the rest of Josey’s skating career takes here, there is no doubt in her mind that this sport has greatly impacted her as well as her relationships.

“Throughout skating there was a lot of carpooling at competitions, team dinners with parents and bonding time, success always meant a fun party at the hotel and a lot of celebration with everyone which brought me some of my favorite memories,” Josey said.

“Maddie is my best friend. We’ve seen each other at our best, and most of all we’ve seen each other at our worsts and we’ve been by each other’s sides through all of it. I’m so blessed to have her in my life and it’s all thanks to skating,” Kasperski said.