Horoscopes 10/4

Kora Montana

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Aries- You are barely ever concerned with what others may think or say about you. However, you soon may receive some criticism that will affect you deeply. Remember that the only opinion that matters is your own. Your lucky animal is a goldfish.

Taurus- Don’t be afraid to switch up your common routine. Change can be scary, but sometimes it is needed. Try to stay flexible and open-minded. Your lucky animal is a guinea pig.

Gemini- If you are feeling weighed down, don’t stray away from your goals. There is something you must accomplish in the near future, stay focused. Your lucky animal is a chameleon.

Cancer- Think carefully on who you want to look to for help with a certain problem; your decision could either diminish it or magnify it. Consider ways you can solve the problem yourself. Your lucky animal is an anteater .

Leo- Mistakes almost never leave permanent damage, though you may be feeling like one you have made will. Acknowledge you slipped up and move past it. The future looks promising. Your lucky animal is a glowing sea turtle.

Virgo- There is a fine line between being cautious and being paranoid. It is a wise decision to focus on your self-awareness this week. The more you do, the more likely you are to find success. Your lucky animal is a dumbo octopus

Libra- It’s your month, embrace it. Reach outside your comfort zone, think outside the box, be courageous. You will do just fine. Your lucky animal is a naked mole rat.

Scorpio- You believe in being educated and prepared; however, spontaneity is not always a bad thing. Have faith in what you already know, but also have faith in your common sense. Your lucky animal is a yeti crab.

Sagittarius- Stay independent this week. You don’t always need an outside source of motivation or advice. Trust in yourself, and everything else will fall into place. Your lucky animal is a blob fish.

Capricorn- If you’ve ever heard the saying,“No expectations, no disappointments,” keep that in your mind this week. Sometimes the only person one can rely on is themself. Your lucky animal is a lamprey.

Aquarius- Take in as much new information as you can this week. Everything you learn will only help with your upcoming endeavors. Your lucky animal is the panda ant.

Pisces- Good fortune is in your future, pay attention to it. Become aware of the vibes that are surrounding you. Your lucky animal is the blue parrot fish.