Air Conditioner: Gone but not forgotten


In Loving Memory…

The DGS Portable Air Conditioning Units, age 36 days, were deactivated Sept. 22. The AC is survived by Aggreko, the company who installed them with love and care on Aug. 18.

The AC touched many lives in their short time with us, giving what felt like lifetimes of cooling to 1,000’s of students. The DGS Air Conditioners are gone, but their legacy will endure, even inspiring this poem by Senior Marc Alvarez:


Ode to the Chillest Robot Around

Air Conditioner, oh Air Conditioner,

you were oh so loud

But you worked some of the time

You made your robot brethren proud

And, although you may have fallen,

you finally made school in August

a little less oppressive

than the U.S.S.R. under Stalin


Many students and staff have expressed their sorrow. Junior Tyler Jardine was nearly at a loss for words when interviewed: “The AC taught me to love again. I haven’t been the same since my grandma died, and they reminded me that I need to keep going.”

English teacher Kari Alore opened up about her relationship with the cooling systems. “I stayed late one night to do some work, and the AC and I got pretty close. We talked about what they had planned for their future and… and now they don’t have one. I remember the last conversation we had; I yelled at them for not working right, and I’ll never be able to apologize…” Alore said.

DGS alumni and English teacher Justin Matkovich grew very attached to the Air Conditioners during their time with us, and was devastated by their passing. “Hold on, we had air conditioners?” said Matkovich.

The loss is felt by many.

While the AC will be missed deeply, students and staff take comfort in the fact that the Air Conditioners are in a better place now.