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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


Kids shouldn’t be wearing makeup

NB Bandera
Kids at skincare stores is becoming a common sight.

When I run out of a skincare product, I typically go to either Sephora or Ulta, which are the two most popular makeup, skincare and haircare stores. Usually, I see adults and teens, even preteens shopping for makeup or other things. But recently, I’ve seen more and more children in these stores getting products for themselves.

As the years go on, I’ve noticed a rise in children doing videos of the routines that teens or adults use. Seeing young children now wanting these items is upsetting because of the consequences they might experience in the future like having damaged and sensitive skin. Such as retinol which is primarily used for anti-aging like wrinkles, fine lines and acne.

It’s becoming concerning that I’ve seen dermatologists on TikTok who are actively warning parents of dangerous uses like Dr. Brook Jeffy known as brookejeffymd on the platform rate products or routines that are either safe or dangerous to teens and children.

Not only physical harm, but this would cause children to be insecure about themselves when they don’t need extra products to begin with. Little girls are beginning to wear makeup by seeing the majority of women shown on their media pages wearing makeup to be beautiful. But that is not the case, it’s a terrible mentality that is being shown to these children online that is damaging them.

Young children are using skincare and makeup products that have become a popular sensation: Drunk Elephant, Glow Recipe, The Ordinary, Bubble, E.L.F Cosmetics, Saie, Rare Beauty and more. The list can go on and on by the amount of branding I’ve seen online.

At this point, it feels targeted for kids to be easily influenced and buy as many of these products with the number of influencers online showing these company’s items. Children seeing their favorite celebrities or influencers using these products would make them want to also purchase those products.

For example, Rare Beauty is made by American singer Selena Gomez, whose makeup products are trendy online. Or consider Drunk Elephant, which has anti-aging properties and is therefore used mostly for older skin, but the unique packaging and colors bring children into wanting their products. While both brands have different uses, both are expensive.

Although children can learn to keep up with hygiene, I find it important that they shouldn’t be using additional products. Of course, they can experiment around and play with them, but they don’t need to add more things to their routines. They don’t need toner, facial serums, eyeshadow, mascara or similar products.

Children are too young to know what they’re putting on their faces, and parents are not acknowledging those dangers. They’re just getting these things from being influenced by others. They should avoid using skincare or makeup products until they’ve become a teen.

They need to learn that they’re damaging their skin before it’s too late and not being able to fix their skin with products they’ve used that are no longer working for them. It’s only going to get worse and increase their insecurities over time.

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