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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


Math resource center and peer tutors multiply into success

Chau Le
Students that work in the math resource center sit at tables specific to their math classes while getting help from peers.

Math can be one of the most challenging classes for high school students. Retaking tests, studying and seeking help are needed by students. However, DGS offers a resource to those struggling with this subject: the math resource center.

The main function of the math resource center is to guide kids who don’t have resources or somebody to ask for math specific help. The staff inside the center helping students consists of Chau Le and student tutors; one of the tutors is senior Lucas Ciocan.

Ciocan has been assisting students inside of school for 2 years. Additionally, Ciocan tutors outside of school privately for math. With his range of experience, he is able to help students in math classes ranging from Math 1 to Calculus BC.

“I like tutoring because it tests my understanding of math skills. It especially tests my patience because when you explain stuff over and over and the student doesn’t understand I have to find a different way to explain it,” Ciocan said.

The addition of peer tutors takes some of the responsibility off of Le. Running the whole math resource center can be a big job for just one teacher to handle. By working one on one with those seeking help, the resource center runs efficiently, tending to all of the students.

“Lucas is an invaluable asset to the Math Resource Center. His dedication, strong grasp of mathematical concepts by finishing BC calculus, AP statistics and ability to connect with students make him an excellent peer tutor. He contributes significantly to the positive and productive atmosphere within the center,” Le said.

Having many options for support from teachers to peer tutors, senior Mara Haiduc speaks to the help that the resource center can offer, receiving tutoring from Ciocan and others.

“Lucas is a great tutor because you can tell he fully understands everything and has a straightforward way of explaining it. He explains it in a way different from my teacher that helps me visualize what I am learning and he sticks with me until I understand it,” Haiduc said.

Over the past few years, the math resource center has grown into an asset for students if they need assistance. It is also an outlet for students like Ciocan to put their math skills to work, helping peers and their own skills.

The math resource center is open during periods 0 through 8 as a tool that is accessible to every student at DGS before and during the school day.

“I believe that there is an environment for everything, like the music room is where you practice, the library is where you read, the college and career center is where you do work and the math resource center is for math work and it gets you in the right headspace,” Ciocan said.

— Lucas Ciocan

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