Mungerson discusses the fun of fencing


Hugo Pletcher

Senior Zach Mungerson recounts his experiences with fencing, as well as mentions its benefits.

Senior Zach Mungerson has an interesting hobby. While most high schoolers spend their time with the usual sports or activities, Mungerson takes an interest in fencing. Mungerson details his experiences with fencing, and why he believes fencing is a worthwhile skill.

Q: How long have you been fencing?
A: I’ve been doing fencing for I think almost a decade by this point. I’ve been doing it since I was in grade school.

Q: What is it that drew you into fencing?
A: Initially when I was a kid, you know, the idea of fighting with swords was pretty cool, but as I grew into it, I always really liked the fast-paced excitement that came from the actual fencing. It’s very intensive when you’re actually into it. I sort of like feeling that adrenaline rush, it’s a very good way to burn energy.

Q: If you had to convince someone to try fencing, how would you convince them?
A: For one thing, it’s just a very good thing for exercising. It’s very like intense when you’re like actually into it. So if you’re wanting a way to get fit, fencing is a good way to burn a lot of energy. Another thing is that it’s really skill-focused, so if you want to develop a skill or something, I’d also recommend that. It offers a lot of improvement to grow, I think. You’ll make a lot of mistakes initially, but it will give you time to learn and grow from those mistakes. I think having that skill is very important.

Q: What does an average fencing bout look like?
A: Usually it will go to three to five points, and generally what happens is that two people will face each other starting initially. The goal of the match, of the bout, is to score five points, and to score a point you would have to hit your opponent with the tip of the blade.

Q: Do you think you will continue fencing in the future?
A: I think if there was a club in my college that I’m going to I would probably take a look at it, and I might join it if it looks nice. I don’t know if I’ll continue doing it into adulthood, like out of college. It would probably depend on what I’m doing for my job– like is it really intensive, or do I have a lot of free time?