DGS seniors plans for college : Q&A with Kaley Bretwisch


Taylor Neal

Senior Kaley Bretwisch is planning on attending a college out west and is interested in studying a career with animals.

Taylor Neal, Copy Editor

Senior Kaley Bretwisch is a senior at Downers Grove South. Bretwisch has studied hard and put a lot of effort into her school work and classes during her high school time in order for a successful career. As her senior year is coming to a close, she is thinking more and more about her plans for the future.

Q: What are you the most excited about for college?
A: The thing I am the most excited about is having independence and to grow as a person and start a new chapter of my life.

Q: what is something that you’re nervous about for college?
A: I am nervous about the lack of being home and not seeing my family and honestly just not seeing my dogs. I feel like just those everyday things we take for granted will be very weird to have that taken away.

Q: What are you going to major in and why?
A: I am majoring in zoology because I want to possibly pursue a veterinary career and zoology keeps the more scientific aspect of animals [involved]. That way if I want to go into that school I can still study animals. I have always wanted to do something like this because I have always had a passion for animals.

Q: What colleges are you thinking about going to?
A:I’m between two colleges right now, it is between Oregon State and Colorado State.