Fridges fix the wait time


Anthony Addante

Senior Ava Lafin purchases an item from the new Grab-and-Go station

Anthony Addante, Copy Editor

Earlier this semester, a new Grab-and-Go station was added to the commons. This new station is meant to give students the ability to grab a quick lunch and a drink without having to wait in long lines.

The items typically include sandwiches, salads and drinks as well. The drinks are the same ones offered throughout the rest of the school. Most items cost between $2-3, and one uses their credit card to pay.
Cafe employee Sydney Janke spoke about the reason for this new addition.
“[It’s] to alleviate some of the stress on [the cafe]. The school doesn’t want lines,” Janke said.

 Senior Sarah Jurkovic spoke about her experience with using the grab and go station.

“It’s actually really nice because you can get something from anywhere. You can get a sandwich.. There’s a lot of options, and you don’t have to wait in a long line,” Jurkovic said. 

Senior Delaney Wells spoke on the grab and go station. 

“The lines are a lot quicker. So, you can literally just grab and go,” Wells said.
For students, it’s a quick lunch, and for the school it may help reduce some of the lines that occur during the lunch rush.

The Grab-and-Go station and its draw of efficiency makes it appealing to both students and the school administration alike.