Fall choir concert brings in future DGS singers


Nicholas Sadelski

DGS Madrigals practice for the October 2022 concert. O’Neill Middle school joined the high school choir at the show.

On Oct. 4, the DGS choir program held their annual fall concert at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. But with a twist, for the first time ever middle schools were invited to to perform alongside the high school singers.

This isn’t some event made special by the middle school, it’s still the normal fall concert but with middle schoolers added at the end. High schoolers and middle schoolers don’t meet until the night of the concert, practicing their songs separately only able to hear each other at the performance itself.

Choir director Joy Belt-Roselieb explains the format.

“This concert is still about the high school kids, it’s about their hard work, and their music. We’re only inviting O’Neill to sing the last two songs, which is a combined number with all of the groups and the alma mater at the very end,” Belt said.

There is also the Choir Festival later into the year where middle schools come to DGS to learn and practice songs, to hang out and ask questions to the high scholar, and to eventually perform for their family and friends. This event has served to be an introduction to singing school singing for younger kids, but Belt doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

“I think getting them on stage, getting them comfortable, and getting them excited, so then come in January for the choir festival they’ll be comfortable because South can be a very intimidating place,” Belt said.

This idea of getting kids comfortable with DGS is nothing new. Now is just the best time to act upon it.

“We actually talked about it right before COVID times. It was just directors talking to each other, just how we can set kids interested, how we can get them on stage, hey let’s invite you into our new stage,” Belt said.

DGS freshman Jonathan Robinson is currently in his first year in the choir program. He had previously participated in the Choir Festival, and shared his experience.

“It also gave us a good impression of what we were to expect next year, and it made me excited especially coming from a COVID year seventh grade,” Robinson said.

Robinson wants middle schoolers to have an amazing time at the upcoming performance.

“Even though I already felt comfortable being at South I still would’ve done it again just to sing with this choir with such strong voices and do great things that we’re doing now preparing for this concert. I would love current middle schoolers to have that same feeling today,” Robinson Said.