Incoming senior discusses year ahead


Ava Lafin

Many events like Senior Night and spirit assemblies are a large part of the upcoming year for the class of 2023.

Sydney Richardson and Ava Lafin

Grace Barry is an incoming senior at DGS, and like many, she is excited yet nervous about her final year at DGS. She spoke on some upcoming events special to students in their senior year.

Going into senior year, what are you most excited for?

Probably the activities that come with senior year. Like I think football games are more fun, and then graduating. You’re able to set up your future and pick colleges and stuff.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m not sure where, but I’m going to go to college for nursing.

What makes you most nervous for senior year?

Applying to colleges and kind of figuring out where I will end up.

Do you have advice for younger grades on how to get through high school?

Keep up with your work and try not to get behind because it is difficult to catch up sometimes.

Who has helped you most with getting through high school?

My parents because they have always encouraged me and made sure that I keep up with my homework and made sure I have kept up with everything related to school.