The most influential teacher I’ve had at DGS

Michael Piotrowski

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March 2022
March 24, 2022

DGS math teacher Steven Trepachko was in the middle of helping the class review for an upcoming test while also preparing us for college.

As my last semester at DGS is coming to an end I’ve been able to reflect on my time as a mustang. Personally, I’ve had multiple teachers who have been absolutely amazing and have been able to teach me a handful of things academically and personally.

Out of the group, DGS math teacher, Steven Trepachko, has been the teacher who I have connected most with. Trepachko is my Pre-Calculus teacher for senior year and has been able to increase my confidence in mathematics exponentially. While this has been a key aspect of my academic career, what Trepachko teaches is actually much more than math.

He makes an effort each and every day to check in with all students and ensure learning is occurring on a much deeper level while preparing us for life beyond high school, in college and professionally.

This should be the goal of every teacher, and has been captured perfectly. Whether it’s small talk before class, life stories, personal conversations or college advice; These are all the things that separated Treapchko from the rest.

The story that resonates with me most is his philosophy about work ethic and what it takes to be the best at something. He reminded me that it’s ok to not have a skill mastered right away, however it’s not ok if you don’t do anything to change it. I will forever carry this mindset with me in everything I do throughout my life in an effort to better myself.

I feel that many educators fall into the trap of only focusing on the core material and not going above and beyond to create genuine relationships with each student. This is something that Trepachko is attempting to improve in the educational system and will continue to do so throughout the rest of his career. For all these reasons Mr. Trepachko has been the teacher throughout high school that has created the largest impact in my life on a deeper level than education.