Top 10 Bath and Body Works scents

You know and love them, but there are so many to choose from: woody, floral and fresh. How can one decide what to buy on what feels like thousands of scents? Never fear because two scent-obsessed teenagers are here to share their two “scents” on the best of Bath and Body Works.

#10: Lavender Mint Tea
Last on our list but definitely not the least: Lavender Mint Tea. This scent is the epitome of calm, with notes of fresh air, mint and of course lavender. You’ll be ready to sip some warm chamomile tea while rocking Lavender Mint Tea.

#9: Peach Bellini
The fruitiest smelling of them all: Peach Bellini. However peachy-sweet the scent is, it’s just enough to make you feel like you’re relaxing outside on a warm summer day. Peach Bellini a great quick grab and spray when heading out on the town.

#8: Cactus Blossom
Cactus Blossom: floral goodness in a bottle. Cactus Blossom comes eighth for many reasons; it’s the starter to any middle school gym locker room. It’s a signature floral and sweet scent sure to bring 2010’s nostalgia to modern times.

#7: Hibiscus Paradise
Hibiscus Paradise comprises island classics like guava, coconut and hibiscus itself. Embracing the warm aroma will take you to a tropical paradise and bring all your vacation dreams to reality. Proceed with caution though; one spray is enough to make you feel like you’re on island time.

#6: Rainforest Gardenia
A blend of sweet and woodsy comes together to create a tropical paradise of white wood and sweet apple accents. Imagine breathing in the fresh and floral air of the rainforest; this scent captures it perfectly. Rainforest Gardenia will get you hundreds of compliments from grandmas and mothers alike.

#5: Saltwater Breeze
Picture a quiet sandy beach with calm rolling waves. Saltwater Breeze will transport you from the dead of winter into a beautiful beachy vacation with your toes in the sand. Just close your eyes and breathe in the refreshing ocean breeze this scent exudes.

#4: White Tea and Sage
White Tea and Sage is an extremely underrated scent. Taking a whiff of White Tea and Sage feels like a warm gentle hug after a long day. If you want to have your life completely changed for the better, invest in White Tea and Sage soaps to use in your bathroom year-round.

#3: Sun-Drenched Linen
Sun-Drenched Linen: A scent sure to remind you of your mother’s laundry detergent of choice. Sun-Drenched Linen allows the memories of folding freshly cleaned laundry to resurface in your mind. Embracing warm sheets and blankets fresh out of the dryer is a an experience only this scent can capture.

#2: Eucalyptus Tea/Rain
Derived from the famous “Stress Away” scent, this minty fresh scent is guaranteed to alleviate all of life’s problems. Picture a quiet rainy day, sitting in front of your window curled up with your favorite book. Be careful carrying this scent around: you’ll be forced to share it with everyone in a five-foot radius.

#1: Mahogany Teakwood
An absolute head turner: Mahogany Teakwood. Mahogany Teakwood is probably the most universally usable scent, not to mention it smells fantastic. This woodsy, rustic and rich scent will not only elevate your confidence, but take your social presence to the next level.