New and available charging stations for students and staff


Annie Metherd

Yet another new edition for students and staff here at south. The charging stations! this station is located outside of the book store.

DGS IT has come together to create an organized system for students to charge their devices throughout the school day. Students can charge both their cell phones and Chromebooks at these charging stations. The charging stations are open all day and are located right outside the bookstore and across from the student activities office.

The charging stations are used by touch screens. To work the touch screens, you must first touch the device to activate that you are interested in using a station. Then by entering a four-digit code of your choosing you will unlock a station that will be personally used by only you.

The four-digit code will need to be saved, for it’s a lock system and way to get your things once they are charged, that way all of your belongings are safe if you were to leave them in the station for some time.

Janel Klingbiel, working in IT as a technical supporter, shares what she knows about these charging stations.

“After the device has been plugged in and placed inside the bay the door can be closed. This secures the device while it charges. When the student is ready to retrieve their device they walk up to the screen, touch it to begin, choose the bay that their device is stored in, enter their four-digit passcode when prompted and this pops open the door,” Klingbiel says.

As for the students that are using loaner Chromebooks, they cannot charge their devices through these charging stations, but Klingbiel shares a way around that.

“Inside the bay, you’ll find a USB-C charger which can charge all of our Chromebooks except some loaners. Those can still be brought down to the Student Tech Center and switched out for a charged one.” Klingbiel says.

If you were to forget your four-digit passcode IT knows it.

“If the student forgets their passcode, the device can be retrieved by myself, Mr. Ding, or Mr. Monitel in the IT department. We will ask for proof of ownership” Klingbiel says.

There are many ways this can be useful for both students and staff this year, in multiple locations with many uses for many devices.

“I believe the benefit to these is to be able to have students charge their devices while in the commons. It also allows them to charge other devices in a secure way and just grab it on their way out after lunch or free period,” Klingbiel says.

The benefits of these stations include a safe and assured place to set aside your devices while they aren’t being used. Student Emma Sawier, has taken advantage of these opportunities.

“The charging stations have really opened up a lot of ways for me and my peers to ensure that we are prepping for our other classes throughout the day, while we can be in a totally different location” Sawier mentions.

The new stations preparare students’ with multiple charging ports offering a variety of support taht may be needed.

“With being able to not only charge my Chromebook but my phone, I can save myself a lot of troubles I face when it comes to uncharged devices throughout my day, this is a really great addition to our school,” Sawier said.

If you need a safe place to charge your device, go visit one of the two new charging stations here at DGS.