DGS jazz band holds first concert this school year


Annie Metherd

The doors to the new performance center, in which the students will preform on Nov. 16.

DGS’ jazz band has been prepping for their first concert in the new auditorium at DGS. The jazz band will be performing on Nov. 16 at 7:00 p.m., and this will be their first performance in the new performing arts center.

This will be the first jazz band concert since the beginning of COVID-19 which prevented students from performing together. Additionally, this concert will be the first performance for the jazz band in the new auditorium.

Music department secretary Jennifer Parrott shared her insight on what the new renovations will mean for the Jazz bands performance

“This year’s concert will have a better sound system, larger stage [and] not to mention the beautiful and comfortable seating. I think coming back after COVID just makes it even more exciting. We get to enjoy the music and the newness of the auditorium and actually ‘feel’ the students’ excitement while they perform for us,” Parrot said.

Parrot shared about how Jerry Lowery has impacted the jazz program.

“Glenn Williams, now retired, was an absolutely wonderful boss, and Jerry Lowrey has come in with new ideas, [a] new attitude and new energy. I love the changes that he is bringing to the department, [he is]challenging us to step up our game,” Parrot said.

Senior Kenny Creamer spoke about his upcoming performance.

“I am very excited about our upcoming performance, especially the song ‘Vine Street Rumble’ active, represents the culture of jazz and really shows just how great a band we are.

Every day is a new amazing memory, but one special one we just had was when world-famous Jazz Educator Dr.Ron Carter came and had a two-hour rehearsal with us. It was fun and we got to see where Mr. Lowrey Gets all of his funny catchphrases from because they talk the exact same way,” Creamer said.

Creamer’s exploration of the idea that rather than just a class and a director like him his leaders are humans who enjoy the same things as him.

Come out on Nov. 19 to watch the DGS jazz band take the stage.